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Small Business Marketing

Bootstrapping A Business Successfully

What is Bootstrapping? Simply put, it is creating a business without securing outside funding. The bootstrapped business is funded either from personal savings or other means of securing funding without having to go to external sources. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 78% of all small businesses in the US are bootstrapped. Bootstrapping a …

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How To Start A Business: Is It Worth The Risk?

Starting your own business is immensely gratifying and allows you to experience freedom in your life that you may have thought impossible before. Imagine living a life of freedom, without the feeling of having anyone looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do. It is literally a weight lifted off of your shoulders. The …

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10 Bangin’ 4th of July Promotions to Make Your Business Boom

Looking for 4th of July promotions that will bring in customers in droves? Let these July 4 marketing ideas spark your imagination and bring you a more prosperous summer. 1. Patriotic-Themed 4th of July Marketing Campaigns There’s nothing like an American flag to ignite your customers’ patriotism. That’s especially true if you produce your products …

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What Are BOPP Labels?

We are so often asked the question, What are BOPP labels? The acronym “BOPP” stands for “biaxially oriented polypropylene,” a material that stands up to hard use – even in thin applications such as labels and stickers. For that reason, it’s an excellent choice to label foods and beverages, electronic items, pharmaceuticals, household cleaning products, …

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4 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Turbocharge Your Business

You want the most bang for your marketing buck, right? Turbocharge your business with low-cost marketing strategies that won’t break the bank. Read on to learn about how to put some of our favorites to work for your business. We will delve into marketing on a budget, low cost PPC advertising, and more… Marketing on …

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Wine Labeling: 3 Reasons Winemakers Should Include Nutrition Facts

Wine labeling might be heading for a makeover if a European Union law gets some traction on this side of the pond. Any wine sold in the EU must provide ingredient and nutrition facts beginning in December 2023. Some California wine-growing regions have already adopted this requirement. But why wait for the government to issue …

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How to Make Your Product Stand Out Among Its Competitors

One of the major challenges small businesses and startups face is competing for shelf space and brand awareness with established brands. If you’re wondering how to make your product stand out from its competitors, this post is for you. Making Your Product Stand Out with Vivid Images and Descriptions How do brands make their products …

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Custom Printed Food Pouches in Small Quantities Are Now Available!

  Are you starting a new food or consumables business and want to experiment with the best way to package them? Consider custom printed food pouches made from reusable plastic. Or, are you an existing business owner who wants to try a greener way to package your products? After your customer has enjoyed your product, …

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How to Sell CBD Oil from Home

It’s no wonder that the question, “How can I start my own CBD oil company?” is on a lot of minds this year. According to a BDS Analytics study, the US CBD market should reach $20 billion by 2024. If you’re wondering how to sell CBD oil from home, here’s some information that can help. …

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What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

We always talk with our clients about their USP (unique selling proposition), also known as the unique selling point, and how that is the most important part of brand positioning. So why and what is brand positioning, and why is developing a USP so important for a business? How can that all be communicated through …

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