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Mailing Labels and Shipping Labels

custom mailing labelsSame Day Custom Shipping Labels and labels for invitations and special event use. Durable packaging labels and all-weather custom printed mailing labels for use on boxes and envelopes. Available on rolls, cut individually, or provided on sheets. Need it in a rush? Please contact us. We are able to print same day orders on all the above labels and box stickers!

Box Stickers

Of course, if you are a retailer, packaging labels are a necessity. But any business owner understands how important image is to a business. Custom mailing and shipping labels offer a low-cost marketing opportunity that can’t be beat. Instant brand recognition!

box stickersIncluding company information, logo and a short slogan gives you that nano-second of advertising deliciousness that is extremely cost-effective. Not to mention, the obvious importance of having the recipient understand where your package came from. Whether you are shipping to customers, vendors, or for inquiries, having custom packaging labels make a difference.

For retail, custom packaging will always be a simple branding success. The whole “unboxing” fad that has been going on the past few years is all about noticing and appreciating custom packaging.

Custom packaging labels are a huge part of that. Having beautiful, full color labels adds to the unboxing experience. Don’t forget, people love to film the unboxing experience. That means it results in free advertising for the shipper. Having a logo and smart design can really make a company stand out in this situation.

Custom Shipping Labels for Durability – Call 800-495-1306

Custom printed mailing labels can be printed on matte paper, gloss paper, or vinyl material for all weather resistance. Special sizing is available as well as die-cutting for unique shapes. Did you know that you could have mailing labels cut to the shape of your logo? That’s certainly a way to stand out!

These are also suitable for fundraising stickers and labels for universities and schools.

Rush orders are never a problem We can print box stickers within several hours.

Stickers can be furnished on sheets, rolls, or cut individually, as per your preference. If stickers are provided on rolls, we can print 500 or 1000 per roll, and can make rolls fit for machine application.

Regarding quantities, we can print minimum quantities up to millions out of our nationwide facilities, and certainly, we ship nationwide and internationally.

Custom Printed Mailing Labels On Vinyl, Poly or Paper Based Stocks – Call 800-495-1306

package labelsPaper-based sticker stocks are the ideal stock for custom shipping labels and mailing box stickers and labels, because of their low price point and ease of use.

These can be ready-made for use on sheets, cut as individual labels or ready for machine application on rolls. Glue choices include our standard permanent adhesive, super permanent tire adhesive, or glues known as removable or re-positionable.

Also available are individualized, personal address labels for weddings.

Packaging Labels Are Available In These Stocks:

1. Uncoated Paper Stock

  • this paper stock has a flat finish
  • perfect for writing on with pen
  • created for indoor use, but commonly used for custom shipping labels
  • if moisture resistance is required, varnish is used for extra protection outdoors

2. Gloss Paper

  • this paper has a shiny finish
  • difficult to write on with pen, but writable with marker
  • also created for indoors, but again commonly used for custom printed mailing labels / shipping labels
  • needs varnish to be moisture proof.

3. Semigloss Paper

  • the best of both worlds – somewhat of a shiny finish
  • marker writable
  • also commonly used for packages, as with gloss or uncoated paper stocks
  • varnish is also suggested for moisture resistance
Transparent Stock

1. Clear BOPP (Clear Poly)

  • not 100% crystal clear but still transparent
  • commonly used for a “no-label” appearance
  • durable and resistant to oils and water
  • difficult to write on
  • freezing and refrigeration is possible
  • a layer of white ink laid down under other colors is suggested for more of an opaque look
2. Crystal Clear
  • 100% transparent with no frosting whatsoever
  • box stickers that are perfect for that “no-label” appearance
  • oil and water resistant and very durable
  • writing is not suggested on these labels
  • refrigeration/freezing okay
  • white ink layer beneath any other color helps with visibility
  • If white is required on clear, can be paired with white foil for a completely opaque white ink look.

Vinyl/Poly/BOPP Stock – White

1. White Vinyl

  • specially made for outdoor/indoor
  • if outdoor, has great durability
  • UV lamination available to protect against sunlight
  • tearing/ripping, oil, water resistant
  • not easy to write on
  • holds up in refrigerated environments

2. BOPP (White Poly)

  • optional gloss or matte lamination available
  • tough rugged labels with pearly look
  • water resistant, and resistance to tearing and ripping
  • not suggested for writing on
  • good for freezing and refrigeration

3. Silver BOPP (Silver Poly)

  • shiny metallic look
  • either gloss or matte laminations are possible
  • freezing/refrigeration okay
  • hard to write on
  • resistant to oils and moisture

Premium stock

1. Estate #8

  • commonly used for custom printed mailing labels
  • has a flat matte finish
  • optional moisture protection varnish available
  • has a discernible feel to the paper
  • ideal for writing on
  • freezing/refrigeration only recommended if varnish is added
2. Estate #9
  • also used for mailing and shipping
  • cream flat finish with less texture than Estate #9
  • moisture resistant with varnish
  • also perfect for writing on

Foil Stocks

  • bright silver, dull silver, bright gold, dull gold options
  • either glossy or matte
  • can be laminated or varnished
  • okay to write on if dull gold or silver
  • ideal for envelope seals

A small sampling of Nova’s clients…

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saved me for a last minute print, thanks nova!

Tamara Farrell Avatar Tamara Farrell
April 16, 2024

Great partners on a last minute project - turned out beautiful and the team was so helpful! Would recommend!

Maggie Dunn Avatar Maggie Dunn
April 16, 2024

The decals and signage were great quality. We had a couple of unforeseen issues, and Michael helped us to accommodate all the last-minute changes we had to make.

Bruna Tironi Avatar Bruna Tironi
April 9, 2024