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Compostable Labels and Biodegradable Stickers

Printing Compostable Labels

Today’s consumers have become more aware of the part they play in making our planet a cleaner place to work and play. If your company wants to attract their attention, printing compostable labels and biodegradable stickers makes a great start.

To take full advantage of your move to a greener way of doing business, ask your printer to add a symbol indicating that your label or sticker is biodegradable. A leaf or the ecology symbol – with a little note that your labels and stickers won’t linger around in landfills for years — can clue customers in that your products and their packaging are eco-friendly.

Printing compostable labels and biodegradable stickers is as simple as changing the materials you use to renewable, replenish able resources, such as biodegradable plastics (yes, there are such materials), paper sourced from bamboo and other sustainable resources, and compostable adhesives.

Learn more about printing compostable labels and biodegradable stickers so that you can be a more informed buyer the next time you purchase product labels or promotional stickers.

What Are Compostable Stickers?

Printers source materials for compostable stickers that will decompose easily in the soil, leaving no harmful residue. In most cases, compostable stickers come from natural origins, such as sugar cane fiber, bamboo, linen, or hemp.

Although some wood does decompose over time, wood-derived papers often come from unsustainable sources. Many oxygen-replenishing trees, for instance, take years to grow to maturity. Using stickers made from fast-growing woods or responsibly managed forests gives your brand an even more eco-friendly cachet.

Don’t forget the adhesive. Make sure your printer uses an acrylic-based adhesive that is as biodegradable as the sticker itself. Otherwise, you won’t have completely compostable stickers. Our compostable labels, stickers AND adhesives all meet the EN13432 European standards for compostable packaging.

Eco Friendly Sticker Materials

  • Bagasse cain fibre biodegradable paper (made from sugarcane, hemp and linen)
  • Natural Bois (brown kraft paper from PEFC pulp)
  • PLA (clear label material made from renewable plant materials.)
  • Natureflex (in white or clear from renewable wood pulp which is sustainably harvested)
  • Primecoat FSC certified semi-gloss, gloss, matte or thermal paper
  • Recycled PE (made from recycled polyethylene)
  • Grass paper (from sun-dried grass fiber and sustainably sourced pulp)
  • Compostable semigloss paper
  • Cotton paper
  • Direct thermal paper

Promote Your Eco-Friendly Stickers to Eco-Conscious Customers

Eco friendly stickersEco friendly Stickers are also one of the most economical ways to promote your brand, especially among younger demographics. Compostable sticker labels are an ideal choice for Gen-Z’ers and millennials since they’re more eco-conscious than the generations that preceded them.

But how will they know that the stickers you’re handing out are indeed compostable? Put signage near boxes of stickers that indicates that you’re using responsible ways to promote your business. Instruct your employees to mention your promotional stickers’ biodegradability when they hand out stickers as gifts to prospects and customers.

In your ads, promote your use of compostable sticker labels in your product labeling as well. These highly desirable market segments will be more likely to switch to your brand over one that only pretends to follow sustainable packaging practices.

In addition to using compostable sticker labels, consider using more eco-friendly containers, too. For example, switch bottles from plastic to glass and cartons from plastic to cardboard. Using more eco-friendly alternatives for both packaging and promotion will position your business as one that cares about the environment.

If there are products for which you can’t find suitable compostable labels, consider reusable labels instead. Reusing un-compostable products is the next best thing.

Consider Biodegradable, Compostable Sticker Labels in Natural Kraft Paper

Image is everything when you’re promoting your products. If your products, as well as your labeling, are nature-sourced, there’s nothing that conveys that image than these natural brown biodegradable eco friendly stickers.

Up the nature ante on your biodegradable eco friendly stickers when you accent them with a touch of green. Trees, grass, flowers, fruit – anything that evokes the bounty of nature should factor into your design. If you can’t come up with a logo or label design, your printer will likely have a designer on staff that can create one for you.

But don’t forget the ink. Using eco-friendly inks on your biodegradable eco friendly stickers is the final touch to position your brand as one that cares.

Make Biodegradable Labels Packaging Your Company’s Future

While you might not be able to “go green” all at once, make sure that a more environmentally friendly way of doing business is one of your corporate goals. Meet with your company’s leadership team and lay out the steps it will take to make all your promotional, labeling, and packing materials eco-friendly.

As your budget permits, gradually introduce biodegradable labels packaging, and promotional materials to your customers. First, announce your intention to become more eco-friendly to your customers. Social media posts, blog posts, ads, and email newsletters are a great way to get the word out.

The Next Step Towards Sustainablility

biodegradable stickersNext, start with biodegradable labels. Packaging can come later. Since labels are usually the first thing a customer sees on the shelves, use an eye-catching design to clue people in on your move toward a greener company.

Then, use compostable stickers as promotional materials to spread the word about your new direction. With the younger generation’s passion for the environment, it’s essential that you promote your brand at events Gen Zers and millennials frequent. Sponsor concerts, Earth Day events, and other popular venues that attract youthful crowds.

Finally, look for more environmentally friendly packaging and shipping materials. Again, include symbols and copy on your materials that advertise your shift to a more eco-conscious way of doing business.

Once you switch to all biodegradable labels packaging, make a big deal out of it. Press releases, ads, promotional wear, and open-house receptions can make the public aware of your concern for a cleaner environment and your corporate desire to do something about it. Again, if you’re targeting an eco-conscious demographic, you need to get the word out. Encourage them to tell their friends about your brand’s new direction, too.

When you’re ready to make the move toward a more eco-friendly business, the Nova Custom Label Printing team is ready to help. Just tell us your budget and goals. We’ll come up with a plan that can get you on the road to a greener, more sustainable you.

Whether it’s a new logo or label design to reflect your more environmentally friendly image or simply transferring the old designs to more biodegradable labels packaging materials, we’ll get it done on time and on budget. Don’t wait to make your business greener. Call or email us today!

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