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Custom Vinyl Stickers

Custom vinyl stickers / decal printing

Need Same Day Vinyl Sticker Printing, Window Clings Or Durable Equipment Stickers For Outdoor Use Or To Withstand Oils Or Moisture? Custom vinyl stickers are created for these uses. Need custom vinyl labels? Stickers die-cut into unique shapes? Nova’s custom stickers, clings and labels are all printed and cut from high-quality adhesive vinyl material which is long-lasting and able to withstand long-term use.

The quality we offer, means our clients end up with durable outdoor labels that satisfy when it comes to both quality, the speed of production, and the pricing. And speaking of pricing… we offer the best bang for the buck. Because our quality is top-notch, our labels last longer, thereby reducing costs. Also, you can rest easy without having to worry about Inc. smudging off or running when we apply varnish or lamination to protect against oil or moisture.

Same Day Vinyl Label Printing Vs. Paper – Call 800-495-1306

We can literally complete jobs within hours through our same day vinyl label printing service. There our differences though between vinyl label printing and paper label printing. What is the advantage of same day vinyl label printing versus paper stickers? Durability. With paper stickers, they are not resistant to moisture or oils whereas vinyl material is oil and moisture-resistant. Also, paper stickers tear, whereas vinyl does not.

For products that will be exposed to cold, moisture, or oil, vinyl is preferable. When it comes to outdoor use, again, this material would be preferable because of its durability and resistance to the elements.

When we speak to clients on the phone who need labels printed quickly, one of the first questions we ask is whether they prefer matte paper, gloss paper, or vinyl stickers. If they mention anything regarding cosmetics or anything that might be exposed to oils, we always recommend the same day vinyl label printing option. Certainly, if they mention outdoor use, again we would point them towards vinyl.

Vinyl label printing is also advantageous when it comes to refrigeration, freezing and cold temperatures. For outdoor use, vinyl is the preferred material, because it lasts in severe weather conditions like rain, snow and wind. So, if durability is a concern when applying labels outdoors, vinyl label printing is the best option by far.

Durability In Outdoor Conditions

These labels are literally designed to withstand outdoor conditions. These labels are constructed so that they are not only resistant to moisture but also withstand UV rays from the sun, and cold or hot temperatures. In addition to UV sunscreen options, we also offer special strong adhesive for application to surfaces such as brick, where the labels will keep in place, even in tough environmental conditions.

These labels are resistant to deterioration, fading and peeling. However, even though custom vinyl labels are designed for outdoor use in tough environments, if they are exposed to extreme weather conditions for prolonged periods, their lifespan might be affected. Therefore, it is suggested to inspect labels to make sure that they continue to adhere to surfaces over time.

Window Clings – Call 800-495-1306

window clings

Yes, we also print window clings. The advantage to window clings is that they are easily removed, and reapplied. They stick to any non-porous surface through suction by applying them to the surface using pressure. That also includes plastics and metals, as well as glass.

For window cling vinyl, it is recommended that they be applied indoors, on the inside of a window. Otherwise, the weather outside will affect the adhesion of the material. They can be applied outside, however, heat, cold and moisture can affect how long they last.

Keep in mind that window cling vinyl is a low tack adhesive vinyl material, so if you need permanent adhesive, this is not the option for you. In that case, we would suggest you choose custom vinyl labels instead.

If however, you are looking for nonpermanent adhesive,  custom-printed window clings can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface. Apply window cling vinyl to:

  • cars
  • bikes
  • trucks
  • motorcycles
  • scooters
  • laptops
  • equipment
  • walls
  • products

Who Uses Window Clings?

  • Retailers
  • Schools
  • Radio Stations
  • Sports Teams
  • Bands
  • Non Profits
  • Political Campaigners
  • Hotels, Motels, Parks and Resorts

What are they used for?

  • Parking Permits
  • Fundraisers
  • Promotional Giveaways
  • Shop Information On Windows/Doors
  • Political Campaigns
  • Membership Perks
  • Service Reminders
  • Advertising

Custom Vinyl Labels Are Versatile – Call 800-495-1306

  • Custom vinyl labels for long-term outdoor use (won’t tear).
  • Full-color sticker printing on 3.5 gauge polymeric PVC with a matte acrylic top coating for outdoor use.
  • Bumper sticker printing in all sizes and shapes- even custom-shaped to a company logo!
  • All highest quality custom stickers at great rates in as fast as hours!
Same Day Vinyl Sticker Printing In All Shapes And Sizes

At Nova, we offer all sizes, shapes, and colors on both our paper and same day vinyl sticker printing options.

By the way, We don’t offer automated price quotes on our website by design, because, unlike other online printers, each client is not given a number. We treat our clients as individuals. We are well known for our high-quality work, not assembly line print work that looks like it came off of an assembly line because we place a high value on making our client’s work stand out, to get noticed!

Equipment Stickers – Call 800-495-1306

If you need custom-printed equipment stickers for machinery, we have you covered. Custom vinyl stickers for equipment can be used both in and outdoors. They can be placed on tools or on air conditioning and heating units. Additionally, common uses for custom stickers include placing them on sporting equipment, on land vehicles, or on boats.

They are appropriate for industrial use and personalized equipment nameplates. We print them in any size, shape, or configuration of colors.

Some of our long-time sticker printing clients are in the construction business, heating and cooling business, equipment rental business, and car dealership businesses. You may also want to visit our labels for retail page.

Same Day Vinyl Sticker Printing – Call Now For Fast Quote – 800-495-1306

saved me for a last minute print, thanks nova!

Tamara Farrell Avatar Tamara Farrell
April 16, 2024

Great partners on a last minute project - turned out beautiful and the team was so helpful! Would recommend!

Maggie Dunn Avatar Maggie Dunn
April 16, 2024

The decals and signage were great quality. We had a couple of unforeseen issues, and Michael helped us to accommodate all the last-minute changes we had to make.

Bruna Tironi Avatar Bruna Tironi
April 9, 2024