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Custom Boxes

Exceptional Range of Custom Boxes

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we proudly offer a diverse array of custom boxes tailored to fit various business needs. Our product line includes:

Custom Shipping Boxes / Custom Mailer Boxes

For all industries in custom shapes and sizes.

Custom Box Logo Company
Custom Box Logo Company
Add Your Brand and Message to the Inside and Outside of Every Box

Custom Display Boxes

Create Eye Catching Displays That SELL!

Custom Cosmetic Boxes and Packaging

Highlight what makes the product stand out in the marketplace. Find out how to create cosmetic label designs that actually sell and our label printing services.

Custom Food and Beverage Boxes

From tastefully designed cake boxes to stylish tea boxes and everything in between. Learn more about food and beverage labels.

Custom Jewelry Boxes

Elegant packaging solutions that add value to your fine jewelry. Learn about gender neutral packaging for jewelry and other products.

Custom Toy Packaging Boxes

Entice children’s imaginations to run wild on what is contained within.

Custom Candle Boxes

Polished, professional branding, tailor-made. Learn how to brand your candle business.

Custom CBD Boxes

Ideal for businesses in the wellness and holistic industries. Find out more about CBD labels.

custom cbd boxes
Custom CBD Boxes

Custom Pizza Boxes

Perfect for pizzerias seeking brand-enhancing packaging.

Custom Vape Boxes

Designed to secure and display vaping products attractively.

CBD boxes
CBD Vape Boxes

Custom Anklet Boxes

Specifically created to highlight the delicate appeal of anklets.

And more…Just ask us!

We also specialize in producing customized boxes across several categories including custom shipping boxes, custom boxes with logos, custom gift boxes, custom mailer boxes, custom rigid boxes, and many more. Each box is crafted to elevate your brand’s visibility and enhance customer engagement. Call us for a free custom box quote.

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom Printed Shipping Box

Highlight Your Brand’s Uniqueness: Our custom printed shipping boxes are not just packaging; they are a robust marketing tool that propels your brand into the spotlight. Designed with the highest quality corrugated material, these boxes are perfect for businesses aiming to make a lasting impression.

Creative Freedom: Tailor your shipping packages with vibrant colors, striking logos, or eye-catching designs to mirror your brand’s ethos. Each box is a canvas that reflects your brand’s identity, making every delivery special.
Instant Brand Recognition: Our custom boxes ensure that your packages stand out the moment they arrive at your customer’s doorstep, reinforcing brand recall and loyalty.

Transform Unboxing into an Event

Unboxing Experience

Memorable Unboxing Experience: Enhance the joy of unboxing with aesthetically pleasing and high-quality custom boxes that are likely to be featured in social media unboxing videos, organically boosting your brand’s exposure.

Emotional Connection: Through thoughtful design and personalized touches, our boxes create a connection with your customers, making each unboxing an emotional experience that highlights your brand’s values.

Custom Mailer Cardboard Boxes
Custom Mailer Cardboard Boxes

Showcase Your Professionalism

Superior Quality: Every custom box from Nova Custom Label Printing reflects our commitment to excellence. They are designed not only to protect your products but also to project the professionalism and quality of your brand.

Our Custom Box Production Process

Diverse Printing Options

Diverse Printing Options: Whether you need a small batch of boxes or a large order, our flexible printing options like flexographic or digital printing cater to all your needs, ensuring high-quality results that fit your budget.
Customization at Its Best: From regular slotted containers (RSC) to deluxe mailer boxes and tuck top mailer boxes, we provide an extensive range of styles and sizes, ensuring that you find the perfect packaging solution for your business.

custom boxes with logo

Custom Boxes with Logo

Environmentally Friendly Choices

Sustainable Solutions: We offer printed chipboard boxes that are not only robust and versatile but also environmentally friendly. These boxes are ideal for businesses committed to sustainability, helping you to enhance your brand’s eco-conscious image.

Styles of Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we offer a comprehensive selection of custom shipping boxes designed to meet various packaging needs. Here’s a closer look at some of our popular styles:

RSC Shipping Box

Regular Slotted Container (RSC) Shipping Box

This industry-standard box features a versatile design available in numerous sizes and configurations, crafted from durable corrugated cardboard.

We can tailor any RSC box to meet your exact specifications, complete with custom printed logos that ensure your brand stands out upon delivery. Each box is equipped with flaps that meet in the middle and are typically sealed with tape for secure closure.

Additionally, we offer custom printed tape to enhance the branding of your packaging solution.

Custom Shipping Boxes with Company Logos
Custom Shipping Boxes with Company Logos

Tuck Top Mailer Box

Known for their robust and stylish design, these custom mailer boxes are user-friendly with an extended outer flap that tucks neatly inside for closure. They provide an excellent presentation of your products, making them ideal for businesses looking to make a lasting impression.

Deluxe Mailer Box

For those looking to truly impress their customers, our deluxe mailer boxes are the perfect choice. These boxes feature a heavier construction and allow for bold colors and designs, making a significant visual impact.

Unlike the tuck top box, the deluxe version includes a “rollover front tuck” where the lip rolls over the front and secures into slots, offering enhanced security and a more refined look. Dust flaps on either side of the lid also help to secure the contents and maintain the box’s integrity.

Custom Box Printing Processes

Flexographic printing

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we provide flexible printing options tailored to align with both your budgetary constraints and volume requirements. Our primary printing techniques include flexographic printing and digital printing, which are selected based on the scale of your order.

Custom Perfume Boxes, Alcohol Boxes, Jewelry Boxes and Anything Else You Need. Just Call to Ask for a Free Quote!
Custom Perfume Boxes, Alcohol Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, and Anything Else You Need. Just Call to Ask for a Free Quote!

Flexographic Printing for Bulk Orders

Ideal for high-volume orders, our industrial-run flexographic printing is the most cost-effective choice for producing custom printed boxes, including custom shipping boxes and custom mailer boxes. This method employs sharp, water-based inks suitable for one or two-color designs, ideal for adding logos and essential text to your custom boxes’ logo. The result is a clean, matte finish directly on the corrugated, custom packaging boxes.

Manufacturing occurs in-line with box production and depending on various factors such as print details and carton size, a cutting die may be required. We offer volume discounts starting at 500 units, with further price breaks at higher quantities.

Digital Printing for Small Batches

For smaller, more personalized orders, digital printing is the superior choice. This method allows for the printing of custom printed product boxes and customized gift boxes on a per-box basis, where each carton is constructed and printed individually. This process benefits from lower initial costs and is ideal for businesses needing limited runs without the burden of large upfront investments. Although the cost per box is higher due to the small scale, this approach provides flexibility and customization for custom packaging for small businesses.

Choose Nova Custom Label Printing for your custom box packaging needs to ensure high-quality results tailored precisely to your business’s specifications and budget. Whether you’re looking for custom rigid boxes, custom gift boxes, or any other type of custom box, we have the technology and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

flexible pouch packaging
Custom Flexible Pouch Packaging

Printing Techniques at Nova Custom Label Printing

Nova Custom Label Printing offers several printing methods to accommodate different needs for custom boxes, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness.

Flexographic Printing

This method is the most straightforward and economical option for printing on custom packaging boxes, including custom shipping boxes and custom mailer boxes. It involves the use of water-based inks applied directly to the corrugated material through photopolymer printing plates, like rubber stamps.

The result is a sharp, clean print primarily suited for line art such as logos and basic text. This type of printing on custom printed boxes offers one or two-color options and produces a matte finish without gloss.

Lithographic Printing

For producing high-quality, vibrant prints on custom boxes with logos, lithographic printing is ideal. This technique is commonly seen in retail packaging for high-end products like kitchen appliances and toys.

Lithographic printing delivers rich colors and detailed photographic images with a semi-gloss or high gloss finish, enhancing the visual appeal of custom product boxes and customized gift boxes.

Cosmetic Boxes Packaging

Digital Printing

When only a small number of custom printed product boxes are needed, digital printing is the preferred method. This technique is suitable for low-volume orders of custom packaging for small businesses and utilizes advanced inkjet technology to print directly on the box.

Digital printing allows for detailed and colorful designs like lithographic quality but is more flexible for smaller batches of customized boxes.

Ink Options for Custom Box Printing

Water Based Inks

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we have been utilizing water-based flexographic inks for custom printed boxes for decades. These inks have evolved alongside technological advancements, allowing us to maintain superior quality across all our custom box products, including custom shipping boxes and custom mailer boxes.

custom candle boxes
Custom Candle Boxes

Durability of Water-Based Inks

The water-based inks we currently employ are robust enough to endure the wear and tear experienced by mailing bags, retail bags, and other printed items throughout their lifecycle.

Despite significant advancements in water-based ink technology, they are not recommended for use in freezer environments where condensation might cause the ink to degrade. For such applications, solvent-based inks are preferred due to their resistance to moisture.

When considering enhanced branding and visual appeal for shipping your products, the custom-printed die-cut mailer box offers a premium alternative to traditional corrugated shipping boxes and poly mailer bags. These custom boxes with logos and designs not only look more sophisticated but also help distinguish your brand in the marketplace.

Custom Die Cut Mailer Boxes

Custom Die-Cut Mailer Boxes: Nova Custom Label Printing stocks over 40 different cutting dies, accommodating a wide range of custom box packaging styles and sizes. Leveraging our existing die-cuts can significantly reduce both the time and cost associated with your custom printed product boxes project, helping you achieve a distinctive presentation and functional packaging solution more efficiently.

Whether you need a standard custom shipping box or a more elaborate custom rigid box, our printing and cutting options are designed to meet diverse needs, enhancing your product presentation while supporting your branding efforts.

custom product box packaging
Custom Product Box Packaging

Corrugated Boxes and Die Cut Mailer Boxes

Essentials of a Die-Line Template

Every project for custom shipping boxes necessitates a die-line template. Think of this as a blueprint for your custom mailer box. It’s a 2D diagram that displays the box in a flattened state before assembly. This template details crucial aspects such as cut lines, fold lines, and perforation lines, ensuring all components fit perfectly when printed, especially if it involves a custom printed mailer box.

Commonly used software for crafting these templates includes Adobe Illustrator, and we at Nova Custom Label Printing offer design services to help if you lack the software or design expertise.

Functionality of a Die-Line Template

Die-line templates for custom boxes display several line types, including dotted perforation lines, cut lines, and fold lines. They may also show glue tabs and eye marks depending on the box type.

These lines are layered in the template to dictate the assembly sequence—perforations first, then cuts, and finally folds, which guide the final assembly of the custom packaging boxes.

Why Opt for a Die-Cut Mailer Box?

Choosing a die-cut mailer box, such as our tuck top mailer boxes or deluxe mailer boxes, allows your business to elevate its packaging strategy.

These boxes offer a premium unboxing experience and a refined look, which can significantly enhance your brand’s perception and customer retention. They are designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for practical ease of use.
Tuck Top Mailer Box: Features an extended flap that tucks inside the box, combining elegance with durability for an impressive product presentation.

Deluxe Mailer Box

Offers a more sophisticated structure with a front lip that rolls over and secures into front slots, reinforced by dust flaps for additional protection.

Enhancing the Customization with Die-Line Templates

When custom-printed graphics are part of your custom box packaging, the die-line template becomes even more pivotal. It shows where to place artwork on the box, ensuring it doesn’t extend into areas that will be cut or folded. Key lines include:

Bleed Lines

Indicate the very edges of the design space, where artwork should slightly overlap to ensure full coverage.

Trim Lines

Ensure there’s a margin to prevent important design elements from being trimmed off.

Crease Lines

Positioned to avoid any critical design elements from being affected by the box’s folds.

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we specialize in creating custom printed boxes that enhance your brand’s visibility and appeal. Our customized boxes, ranging from custom gift boxes to custom rigid boxes, utilize die-line templates to ensure precision and satisfaction in every batch produced. Whether you need small-scale custom packaging for a boutique business or bulk orders of custom shipping boxes, we’re equipped to meet your needs with high-quality, professionally designed packaging solutions.

Specifications and Pricing for Custom-Printed Mailer Boxes

Overview of Custom Mailer Box Materials

Our custom mailer boxes are available in various grades of corrugated board, typically ranging from 200#E to 200#C, including 32B and 32C options.

Typically, these mailer boxes are constructed with a single wall but are engineered to fold in a way that creates a double-walled structure on three of the six sides for added durability.

Custom printed boxes can feature graphics, branding, and other details both inside and out. It’s common practice to use multi-color printing on the exterior for a strong first impression, while the interior often features a single-color print.

Custom Fragile Labeled Shipping Boxes with Logo and/or Product Designs
Custom Fragile Labeled Shipping Boxes with Logo and/or Product Designs

Getting a Quote for Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

To streamline the quoting process for custom packaging boxes, including custom shipping boxes and custom rigid boxes, consider the following details:

  1. Size: Provide the inside dimensions of the box to specify the usable space required.
  2. Color: Specify your preference, whether you need the box fully brown or white, or a combination of both on different sides.
  3. Printing: Decide if you require printing on just the outside, just the inside, or both. This affects the printing method and cost.
  4. Artwork: Describe the artwork to be printed on the box, including the complexity and number of ink colors.
  5. Quantity: Understand that while we handle orders of all sizes, larger quantities typically benefit from lower per-unit costs due to scaling efficiencies. Price breaks often occur at quantities of 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 units.

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we specialize in creating customized boxes that meet your specific needs, whether you’re looking for custom boxes with logo, custom gift boxes, or custom printed product boxes. Our team is ready to assist with your custom box packaging, ensuring high-quality results tailored to your branding requirements.

Cost Efficiency with Cutting Dies

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we optimize the production of custom printed boxes, including custom mailer boxes and custom rigid boxes, using our extensive collection of cutting dies.

Creating custom printed die-cut mailer boxes typically involves a cutting die tailored to the specific type and size of the box, alongside a die line template and printing plates. The cost for a new cutting die can vary significantly, ranging from $600 to over $2,000 for each size of the mailer box.

By utilizing an existing die that matches your project’s specifications, you can avoid the considerable expense of manufacturing a new die, potentially saving up to $3,000 in related labor and material costs.

It is essential to note that each cutting die is designed for a specific board grade and box size, such as a deluxe mailer box measuring 8x8x4 made from 200#B corrugated board and cannot be altered.

Before starting your order for custom packaging boxes or custom shipping boxes, call us to see if one of our existing dies fits your needs. This approach not only cuts down on your costs but also speeds up the production process, allowing you to leverage what we’ve already perfected.

Why spend more and wait longer if we already have the right tools to get started on your custom boxes with logos or customized boxes right away?

custom mailer boxes
Custom Mailer Boxes

Chipboard Boxes

Understanding Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard boxes, also referred to as paperboard boxes, are a staple in contemporary packaging solutions, known for their durability, flexibility, and eco-friendliness.

Made from compressed paper fibers, these lightweight yet robust boxes are an ideal choice for a variety of packaging requirements. Chipboard boxes are celebrated for their excellent qualities and are extensively utilized across multiple sectors, including the packaging of gifts, baked goods, and candles, among others.

Their eco-friendly nature makes them a preferred option for businesses looking to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Applications of Chipboard Boxes

At Nova Custom Label Printing, our custom printed chipboard boxes are designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

These boxes are perfect for retail applications, where they are often used as attractive packaging solutions for jewelry, beauty products, and gifts, adding a special touch to the presentation and enhancing the overall customer experience.

In the food industry, our chipboard boxes are essential for bakeries and confectioneries, helping to preserve the freshness and quality of items like donuts and licorice. Nova Custom Label Printing’s chipboard boxes not only ensure that food items are well-protected but also beautifully presented, making them ideal for both storage and display.

Affordable and Sustainable Custom Chipboard Boxes

Cost-Effective Box Solutions

Chipboard, a durable packaging material made from wood pulp, offers a thicker and sturdier alternative to traditional paper without the internal fluting found in corrugated cardboard.

This structure makes chipboard an economical and space-efficient option for packaging needs. At Nova Custom Label Printing, our custom printed chipboard boxes are designed to be highly cost-effective.

Their customizable nature allows businesses to specify dimensions perfectly suited to their products, reducing unnecessary waste and excess use of materials. Whether you need custom gift boxes, custom mailer boxes, or custom product boxes, our chipboard solutions are tailored to meet your needs efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Custom Box Packaging

Choosing Nova Custom Label Printing’s chipboard boxes means opting for an environmentally friendly packaging solution. Crafted from compacted, recycled paper fibers, these boxes are not only robust but also fully recyclable.

This makes them an excellent choice for businesses committed to sustainability. Utilizing chipboard for your custom boxes, custom packaging boxes, or custom boxes with logos demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable products.

Adopting chipboard packaging can enhance your brand’s reputation and foster greater customer loyalty by showcasing your dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Whether you’re looking for custom gift boxes, custom packaging boxes, or custom boxes with logos, our chipboard boxes offer a versatile and sustainable choice that can be tailored to suit any business’s needs, from custom mailer boxes to custom product boxes and beyond.

Each printing method at Nova Custom Label Printing is designed to provide optimal solutions for various packaging needs, from simple custom cardboard boxes to elaborate custom rigid boxes, ensuring your products stand out with professional and attractive packaging.

Looking for something uniquely suited to your needs? Nova Custom Label Printing has an extensive array of custom packaging boxes, ensuring you find the perfect match for your business requirements. Whether it’s custom printed product boxes, custom rigid boxes, or custom gift boxes, we have the expertise to create packaging that enhances your brand and delights your customers.

Find out more about our eco friendly stickers, too.

Counter Top Display and Pillow Packs

Countertop Display Boxes

Enhancing Your Retail and Promotional Strategies

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we offer innovative packaging solutions that not only protect your products but also enhance their market appeal through strategic display and packaging design. Our custom counter top displays and pillow packs are perfect for businesses looking to boost visibility and consumer engagement.

counter top displays and pillow pack
Counter Top Displays and Pillow Pack

Counter Top Display Boxes

Our custom counter top display boxes are designed to maximize product visibility in retail settings, particularly effective at the point of purchase. These displays are excellent for showcasing over-the-counter products right where customers make their buying decisions—near the register or on store shelves. They offer ample space not just for your products but also for displaying essential branding elements and product information, thereby enhancing brand recognition and consumer interaction.

Pillow Packs

Pillow packs

For a distinctive packaging choice, consider our pillow packs. Ideal for small, lightweight items, pillow packs feature a unique shape that stands out from traditional box designs, making them highly attractive for gifts or boutique items. They are simple yet effective construction ensures products are presented in an appealing and memorable manner, encouraging customer interest and satisfaction.

Benefits and Features of Our Custom Boxes and Packs

Visual Appeal: Full-color flat printing and options for debossing or foil embossing add a luxurious finish that can elevate the consumer’s unboxing experience.

custom pillow boxes

Custom Pillow Boxes

Versatility: Whether you need packaging for clothing, accessories, consumer products, or even pet products, our versatile design and printing capabilities meet various industry standards and aesthetic preferences.

Durability and Functionality: Constructed to ship flat yet easy to assemble, our boxes are designed with scoring, folding, and gluing processes that ensure durability and ease of use.

Custom Finishing Touches: From UV gloss to soft touch lamination and spot UV gloss, our array of custom finishes enhances both the tactile and visual aspects of your packaging.

Packaging Features

• Full color flat printing
• One-sided printing
• Item will be glued but ship flat
• Not food safe

Custom Finishes & Processes

• Debossing
• Foil Embossing
• Traditional and Digital Full Color Printing
• UV Gloss
• Soft Touch Lamination
• Die Cutting
• Embossing
• Foil Stamping
• Spot Color Printing & PMS Matching
• Spot UV Gloss
• Aqueous Satin & Gloss
• Scoring, Folding & Gluing

Why Customers Choose Nova Custom Label Printing

Choosing our custom printed boxes, especially our counter top displays and pillow packs, provides your business with a competitive edge by:

Increasing Product Visibility: Strategically placed at eye level, our counter top displays can significantly increase product visibility and encourage impulse buys.

Promoting Brand Awareness: Utilize the additional surface area for impactful branding and essential product information to educate and attract consumers.

Customizable Features: With options for spot color printing, PMS matching, and more, tailor every aspect of your packaging to align with your brand identity and marketing strategies.

Other Popular Markets for Packaging Solutions Include:

• Clothing & Accessories
• Software & Gaming
• Retail Point-of-Purchase
• Consumer Products
• Pet Products

Entice Customers with Attractive Packaging Solutions

Entice businesses to order by leveraging the unique benefits and features of counter top displays and pillow packs.

These packaging options are not just about holding a product; they are a marketing tool designed to attract, engage, and convert potential customers at critical points in the retail environment.

Let Nova Custom Label Printing help you make a lasting impression that extends beyond the initial purchase, making your products memorable and your brand distinguished in the marketplace.

Measurements for a Custom Printed Box

• What are you putting into this box? How much internal packing is needed to protect your product? When we systematically combine that information, we will pin-point the most economical size & style of custom corrugated box to suit your needs.

• There are three dimensions to all boxes, Length, Width, and Depth. Our industry uses the inside dimensions for measuring purposes. If you are measuring an existing box, set it on a table so that it is open at the top. Measure the inside size of the opening. The longer dimension is the length and comes first in order.

• The other dimension is the width. Now, measure the distance from one of the inside corners to the top. This is the depth. When you tell us the dimensions of the box, they need to be in this order, Length x Width x Depth.

Key Questions and Definitions in the Box Printing Industry

What to Consider When Ordering Custom Boxes?

When placing an order for custom boxes, it’s crucial to select the correct size and shape that best fits your product. Custom box packaging allows for various finishing touches such as unique curves, flaps, colors, and materials that enhance your goods’ appeal and marketability.

Collaborating closely with a design team ensures that your precise requirements are met, transforming your initial concept into a tangible, standout package.

Types of Specialty Boxes in Printing and Packaging

Straight Tuck and Roll Tuck Boxes

straight tuck and roll custom boxes
Straight Tuck & Roll Tuck Custom Boxes

STE Box: Commonly referred to as a Straight Tuck End box, it features both the top and bottom closing flaps located on the same side of the box, streamlining the design and assembly process.

TTAB Box: Tuck Top Auto Bottom box is noted for its durable bottom, making it a slightly pricier yet robust option suitable for bulk production. This box type is advantageous for industries like food and retail due to its ease of assembly and sturdy design.

RTE Box: The Reverse Tuck End box includes closing flaps at opposite ends, offering a cost-effective and compact packaging solution. Its design allows for quicker assembly and efficient stacking but has a weaker structural front panel that could interfere with closing mechanisms.

Difference Between Box Types

The TTAB box is stronger than a Snap Lock Bottom box, which, though featuring a secure closing lock for safety, is typically easier and more compact for storage and display purposes. Both styles are prevalent in various sectors, including food and retail.

Unique Box Designs

Octagon boxes provide a distinctive packaging choice with their eight-sided design, making them both functional and visually appealing for specialty items. They offer robustness and efficient space utilization.

Paperboard Definitions in Printing and Packaging

SBS Paperboard: Known as Solid Bleached Sulfate, this high-quality paperboard is ideal for applications requiring a moisture barrier or high-quality print finish, such as in health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and frozen food packaging.

Recycled Paperboard: Made from recovered paper waste, recycled paperboard is a multi-ply material that is increasingly being used as an economical alternative in the packaging industry due to its cost benefits and lower environmental impact.

Paperboard: This term describes heavier weight paper grades used broadly in making various packaging products like boxes, cartons, and containers.

CMYK Process printing

Color Printing in the Industry

PMS Color: Refers to the Pantone Matching System, a standardized color reproduction system where each color is printed with its own ink, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Process Color: Also known as CMYK color, this method uses four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) blended to create a broad spectrum of colors in printed materials.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Advantages

Eco-friendly packaging not only enhances a company’s brand reputation but also supports environmental sustainability. Using materials like soy ink, which is less harmful than traditional inks and offers vibrant colors, contributes to reducing harmful emissions and promotes the use of renewable resources.

Medicine Packaging Options

For pharmaceutical applications, options range from fold-over blister packs, which secure individual tablets and prevent tampering, to larger folding cartons designed to house and display multiple medicine containers effectively. These packaging solutions ensure both security and professional presentation of healthcare products.

This overview addresses the core aspects and frequently asked questions within the box printing industry, emphasizing the customization and flexibility available in modern packaging solutions.

Ready to Elevate Your Packaging?

Nova Custom Label Printing is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Our team is eager to assist you in creating packaging that not only protects but also promotes your products effectively. With over six decades of expertise, we ensure rapid turnaround times and exceptional customer service.

Service Areas

Nova Custom Label Printing proudly serves a diverse clientele in various locations across for custom boxes the USA, including:

– NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx

– Statewide service in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Connecticut (CT)

– Extending services to Long Island, enhancing brand visibility with top-notch labels

Contact us today at (800) 495-1306 for a custom quote and start transforming your packaging into a powerful component of your brand identity.

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