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Label Manufacturers and Bulk Label Printing

Label Manufacturers: Premier Custom Label Printing Services

Nova Custom Label Printing has been at the forefront of label manufacturing and bulk label printing for over 25+ years, delivering exceptional quality and service to businesses across the USA.

Our dedication to excellence has made us a trusted partner for companies ranging from American Express to Google, showcasing our ability to meet diverse branding needs with precision and reliability.

Flexographic Printing Technology

We use Flexographic printing, often referred to as “flexo,” which is a versatile printing technique used for high-volume runs, employing flexible photopolymer printing plates mounted on rotating cylinders to transfer ink onto a wide variety of substrates.

Using this method, we are able to color match using the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Flexographic Printing

This method is known for its speed, efficiency, and ability to print on non-flat surfaces, making it ideal for large orders of labels, packaging, wallpaper, and more.

Flexo printing can use a range of inks, including water-based, solvent-based, and UV-curable inks, allowing it to produce high-quality, durable images and text on materials ranging from paper and plastic to metallic films and corrugated cardboard.

Stock Reference Guide for Nova Custom Label Printing

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the stock types available at Nova Custom Label Printing, catering to a wide range of applications and design preferences.

BOPP Labels

Gloss Stocks

White Gloss: High-shine finish for vibrant print quality and color pop.

Yellow Gloss: Bright, attention-grabbing finish for standout labels.

Ivory Gloss: Elegant sheen that adds a touch of sophistication.

Black Gloss: Sleek and bold, perfect for premium branding.

Forest Green Gloss: Rich, vibrant color with a glossy finish for nature-themed products.

Removable Stocks

White Gloss Removable: Easy-to-remove adhesive with a shiny surface.

White Matte Removable: Non-glossy finish, ideal for temporary labeling needs.

Blackout Stocks

White Gloss Blackout: Opaque layer to cover underlying text or graphics.

White Matte Blackout: Non-glossy, with an opaque backing for privacy and covering errors.

Matte Stocks

White Matte: Non-reflective finish for a soft, professional look.

Ivory Matte: Warm tone with a smooth, non-glossy surface.

Yellow Matte: Subtle, muted yellow for a soft, vintage appearance.

Eco-Friendly Stocks

100% Recycled: Fully recycled material for an eco-conscious choice.

30% Recycled Semi-Gloss: Eco-friendly with a semi-gloss finish for reduced environmental impact.

Specialty Stocks

Brown Kraft: Earthy, natural look perfect for organic or artisanal products.

Estate #9: High-end, textured paper for luxury labels.

Fluorescent Stocks

Chartreuse, Green, Orange, Pink, Red Fluorescent: Bright, neon colors for high visibility and impact.

Laser-Compatible Stocks

White Laser and Fluorescent Laser (Chartreuse, Green, Orange, Pink, Red): Designed for laser printers, offering durability and vibrant colors.

EDP Stocks

White, Yellow, Ivory EDP: Matte finish, ideal for dot matrix printers and typewriters.

Foil Stocks

Gold/Silver Foil: Shiny metallic finish for a premium look.

Gold/Silver Foil Dull: Subdued metallic sheen for a sophisticated appearance.

Film Stocks

White Film: Durable and water-resistant, perfect for outdoor use.

Clear Film: Transparent material for a seamless look on products.

Window Lite Stocks

Clear/White Window Lite: Designed for window-facing labels, offering clarity and visibility.

Polyester Stocks

Gold/Silver/Clear Polyester: Robust material with a metallic or clear finish for durability.

Gold/Silver Polyester Brushed: Textured metallic finish for a unique aesthetic.

Polyolefin Stocks

White/Yellow/Black Polyolefin: Flexible and water-resistant, ideal for harsh environments.

White Polyolefin Removable: Water-resistant with removable adhesive for flexible use.

Our Expertise in Label Manufacturing

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we specialize in creating high-quality custom labels that enhance brand visibility and appeal. Our services include:

Custom Label Manufacturing: Tailored solutions for unique branding requirements, ensuring your products stand out.

Health and Pharmaceutical Labels for Hospitals

Bulk Custom Labels and Stickers: Perfect for large-scale orders, providing consistency across your product range.

Same-Day Printing: Rapid turnaround for urgent needs, delivering quality labels right when you need them.

Businesses that may need custom bulk orders of labels with same-day shipping span various industries and include:

Our custom label manufacturing services cater to a wide array of industries, ensuring every client receives the perfect solution for their products:

Food and Beverage Companies: For labeling packaging on products like snacks, drinks, and perishable goods.

Health and Pharmaceutical Companies: For medicine bottles, boxes, and healthcare products requiring precise and compliant labeling.

Cosmetics and Beauty Brands: For branding and ingredient labeling on skincare, makeup, and beauty products.

cosmetic labels printing

Retail Stores: For price tagging, branding, and inventory labeling across various products.

E-commerce Businesses: For shipping labels, product labeling, and branding materials.

Manufacturing Companies: For labeling parts, machinery, and products during the manufacturing process.

Logistics and Shipping Companies: For tracking, inventory management, and shipping logistics labels.

Event Planners and Organizers: For custom labels for events, conferences, or promotional activities.

retail store and ecommerce bulk labels

Marketing and Promotional Companies: For creating promotional stickers, product labels, and branding materials.

Healthcare Providers: For patient information labels, hospital supplies, and medication labeling.

Automotive Industry: For part labeling, service reminders, and inventory management.

Chemical Companies: For hazardous material labels, product information, warning and safety labels.

Agricultural Firms: For labeling produce, packaging, and agricultural products.

Technology Companies: For labeling electronic devices, components, and accessories.

Reddit Founder's Success Sticker Printing

Breweries and Wineries: For custom labeling bottles, kegs, and packaging.

These businesses often require large quantities of labels for their products, packaging, or operational needs and may need rapid turnaround times to meet market demands or operational deadlines.

Service Areas

Nova Custom Label Printing proudly serves a diverse clientele in various locations across the USA, including:

– NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx

– Statewide service in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Connecticut (CT)

– Extending services to Long Island, enhancing brand visibility with top-notch labels

Why Top Brands Continue to Choose Nova Custom Label Printing

Decades of Experience: 25+ years of expertise in label manufacturing, trusted by industry giants like Red Bull and BMW.

Quality and Precision: From label stock manufacturers to custom designs, we ensure top quality in every detail.

Speed and Efficiency: Same-Day Printing service for fast-paced NYC business needs, delivering your labels without delay.

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Understand the value of your investment with our Free Quote service. We offer transparent pricing for our custom stickers and label printing services, ensuring you get the best quality and turnaround time without any surprises.

Michael at Nova Custom Label Printing was wonderful to work with, communicative, patient with all my questions, exceptional printing.

Alex Silva Avatar Alex Silva
March 20, 2024

Great printing company. Michael is so easy to work with and the quality and timeliness of their work are fantastic!!!! Highly recommend.

Monica Micceri Avatar Monica Micceri
March 8, 2024

We loved working with Nova for our custom stickers. We came to him in a major time crunch, and he made sure we got him everything he needed in order to make our deadline. He was incredibly responsive to every update we had, and was immediately on the case when our shipment seemed to be stuck in transit. A+ customer service. Thank you, Michael!

Rebecca Linde Avatar Rebecca Linde
March 8, 2024