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What Are BOPP Labels?

What are BOPP labels

We are so often asked the question, What are BOPP labels? The acronym “BOPP” stands for “biaxially oriented polypropylene,” a material that stands up to hard use – even in thin applications such as labels and stickers. For that reason, it’s an excellent choice to label foods and beverages, electronic items, pharmaceuticals, household cleaning products, and personal care items, such as shampoos, lotions, fragrances, makeup, and creams.

What Are the Advantages of BOPP Material?

BOPP labels have several advantages that set them apart from other types of labels. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

  • Moisture resistance: As a Transparency Market Research report points out, BOPP is a moisture-resistant material – a major advantage in beverage labeling. Beverage bottles and cans are susceptible to condensation as they move from cooler to room temperature and then into consumers’ refrigerators.
  • Smart label compatible: As tracking and tracing become more critical throughout the supply chain, a label’s ability to bear an RFID code is a significant advantage in labeling. BOPP labels’ and stickers’ compatibility with RFID technology makes them an excellent choice, especially if companies ship nationwide.
  • Long shelf life: BOPP labeling lasts longer than paper labels. That factor alone makes them the preferred labels for products that customers handle often. Today’s customers want to read labels – which necessitates a label that can hold up against the sweat, grit, and oils on customers’ hands.

Are BOPP Stickers Biodegradable?

Even though BOPP stickers and labels hold up well under demanding conditions, they are also eco-friendly. Although they are not biodegradable, they are recyclable. In fact, you can recycle it many times without a loss in its usefulness.

Since they’re recyclable, they make a great pick for brands that want to tout their environmentalist bona fides yet enjoy all the benefits BOPP stickers and labels provide.

Polypropylene Labels vs. BOPP

Although polypropylene material is heat resistant and hold up reasonably well under heavy wear, they lack the strength that BOPP provides. Additionally, BOPP better accommodates print media, making it a better pick for attractive brand labels. Polypropylene labels also tend to be cloudier, while BOPP is more transparent, creating a more attractive appearance.

Why Does BOPP Outperform Polypropylene in Clarity?

BOPP material is polypropylene with a biaxial orientation. During the process of making it, the manufacturers stretch it in two directions, giving it its unique properties, including clarity.

Are There Any Other Differences Between Materials of BOPP and Polypropylene?

If you plan to use your products’ wrappers or bags as your labels, you’ll likely need to seal them. While polypropylene bags require a heat sealer, BOPP bags do not, giving them a distinct advantage in packaging your products, so in that way BOPP material is a better choice.

Explore the Benefits of BOPP for Your Business

When began this post with the simple question, what are BOPP labels? But as you can see, there is more to the discussion then just answering the question. If you’ve been disappointed with paper or plain polypropylene labels, it’s time to move up to a better labeling solution – BOPP labels. BOPP labels are especially good for outdoor use, as with labels for July 4th.

Discover how BOPP can provide more value for your customers and better promote your products. Contact the Nova Custom Label Printing team for more information about how these sturdy, eco-friendly labels can best showcase your products. Request a consultation with our knowledgeable label professionals today!




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