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Custom Printed Food Pouches in Small Quantities Are Now Available!

Custom Printed Food Pouches


Are you starting a new food or consumables business and want to experiment with the best way to package them? Consider custom printed food pouches made from reusable plastic.

Or, are you an existing business owner who wants to try a greener way to package your products? After your customer has enjoyed your product, they can use these reusable snack pouches to store other items without taking up a lot of space.

With food, snack, and beverage companies wanting to give their customers greener options, it’s no wonder that flexible packaging is getting more popular by the day. In addition, manufacturers find flexible packages a more economical option – and can then pass on the savings to retailers who carry their products.

And, since they take up less space, more packages can fit into shipping containers or onto store shelves than cans, bottles, or boxes. Furthermore, they’re as durable as other containers, making them an ideal choice for retailers who are tired of dented cans and dinged-up boxes. For those reasons, the Nova Custom Printing team is now offering a flexible packaging option, Pouchables.

Why Use Pouchables’ Custom Printed Food Pouches?

In addition to their custom printed food pouches, Pouchables also come in a plain version – perfect for startups that need limited quantities. Just choose the pouch you want, order custom printed labels for them, and voila! You have reusable pouches that don’t take up a lot of shelf space yet protect your food, as well as cans, plastic jugs and bottles, or glass containers.

If you’re just testing some prototypes to see which products perform best on the market, you can start with a few hundred custom labels and stock Pouchables. Then, when you find a winning line, you can always switch to the custom printed kind. But, with custom printed labels that look as great as the custom pouches themselves, you’ll be able to switch them for seasonal changes or rebranding without a huge outlay of cash.

Use Plastic Liquid Pouches for Beverages and Shampoos

Plastic liquid pouches are every bit as tough as glass or cans for holding liquids, but they take up less space and, in Pouchables’ case, are reusable. Some designs allow customers to see the product inside – you can choose from completely clear pouches or ones with elegant oval see-through “windows.”

Color-coordinating your plastic liquid pouches’ labels with the product inside gives your packaging an eye-catching look that sets your goods apart from their competitors. Include a “Reuse Me” label on the package, and you’ll remind your customers that they need not throw away the pouches after they’ve consumed the product inside.

Use Foil Pouches to Protect Food and Pharmaceuticals

Consider foil pouches – or at least a foil layer in your plastic liquid pouches – for products destined for human or pet consumption. Aluminum foil pouches reflect as much as 98% of infrared heat and light, both common sources of product degradation. In addition, foil pouches block moisture, bacteria, and oxygen, keeping your food and pharmaceutical products as fresh as the day you packaged them.

For that reason, these pouches work well for a broad range of food and other consumables, including the following products:

CBD Pouch Products

Whether you sell oils or edibles, CBD products do better with packaging that keeps sunlight, oxygen, and moisture out. For that reason, you need to use opaque containers to package your CBD pouch products. And, although it’s tempting to use a see-through window for most products, CBD pouch products need protection from light. Instead, use a photograph of your product on the label to give consumers an accurate picture of what’s inside.

Using foil in your packaging, too, is a good move since it blocks light, as well as oxygen and moisture. With the right packaging, your CBD pouch products can last up to two years.

Reusable Snack Pouches

Moisture is the number-one enemy of most crunchy snacks. Reusable snack pouches, then, should incorporate foil into their packaging to keep out moisture and keep in the crunch.

However, most snack pouches on the market today aren’t resealable, allowing air and moisture inside when you open the bag. With Pouchables’ reusable snack pouches, though, you can squeeze out the air from the bag after you open it, keeping your snacks fresh and your customers happy.

Candy Bag Pouches

Candy, too, often falls victim to moisture and heat, especially if your products contain chocolate. Using foil-containing candy bag pouches protects your sweets from moisture and heat, maximizing their shelf life.

Take Advantage of Pouchables Packaging for Your Business

Pouchables’ candy bag pouches are an economical way to package candy and other perishable products. With custom labels that showcase what’s inside these candy bag pouches, even smaller candymakers can compete with the biggest names in the industry.

If you are launching a new business and your small business or startup wants to go head-to-head against food and beverage industry giants, it’s time to use packaging that elevates your products above theirs. Pair some stunning labels from the Nova team with some stock Pouchables, and watch the sales magic happen! Call or email us today to learn more!



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