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Health Care Label Printing

Covid-19 coronavirus

Health care label printing- for many varied uses, including custom hand sanitizer labels, respirator labels, ventilator labels, insurance, billing, labeling files and labels for informing patients. We also print custom pharmaceutical labels, medical labels and more.

Since the COVID-19 coronavirus hit us, the world has changed, and we’ve all had to change along with it. Hand sanitizer has become something that everyone thinks about, and even carries around in their pockets on a daily basis. They have become a top promotional item requested by all types of companies nationwide.

We also print labels for respirators and ventilators which can be ready for pickup within hours if necessary.

Meanwhile, medical facilities are filled with overwhelmed, multitasking doctors, assistants and nurses that need to keep everything organized at all times. In order to save time, having the correct labels at your fingertips is essential. Even seconds saved add up at the end of the day to being able to see one more patient. That can make a huge difference.

Additionally, all types of medical facilities require labels printed quickly and accurately, without error and unnecessary delays. We have been in business since 1995,  printing health care labels for hospitals, clinics, medical doctors, chiropractors, alternative health practitioners, pharmacies, medical manufacturers, distributors and others in the healthcare industry.

Health care labels

Health Care Labels For Every Department From Labs To Accounting

We create labels for biomedical engineering, diagnostic imaging, immunizations, blood banks, year codes, color codes, nursing and admissions.  We also provide award stickers, instructional labels, numeric labels, syringe flag labels HIPAA compliant labels anesthesia labels and laboratory labels.

These labels can be refrigerated and/or frozen.

We print high quality sterile and non-sterile health care labels specifically created for medical use. But we also print signage labels that can also be used as important directions for patients and visitors. Business hours can be posted on glass windows or doors, walls or furniture.

Most of the time, plate charges are not necessary, because we can print digitally in full color. However, if color matching is needed with Pantone colors we can accommodate.

Medical Labels For Charting, Billing and More

For charting purposes, medical labels are essential. They are certainly also essential for billing and accounting as well. This is to keep files organized, and easy to sort through within seconds. It’s a serious business.

But labels don’t always need to be serious. Patients and visitors need to be surrounded by smiling faces and be enveloped in a positive atmosphere in order to recover. So we also create kids stickers on sheets. Children can have something to take their mind off healthcare for a few moments. The lighter mood affects everyone in a positive way.

Of course, health care labels can also be used for fundraising and promoting a facility or an event, like blood drives or health fairs.

Labels can also be used in other circumstances, such as using labels for hospitality visitor passes, parking permits and to label inventory. They can be provided on sticker sheets, individual units or labels on rolls.

medical labels


Pharmaceutical Labels For Patient Care

Labels are important for care of patients, such as warning labels with prescription alerts and notification of possible allergic reactions and contraindications.

Thermal transfer medical labels are a standard offering. Thermal transfer labels can be reprinted with a thermal printer, to include individual patient information or numbering.

As mentioned above, we can print in Pantone colors to match whatever shade of the rainbow is necessary, including metallic inks.

Our stocks include tamper evident material for safety. We also provide barcode and QR code labels. Either consecutive numbering or sequential numbering is available. In regards to durability, we create rugged health care labels that are moisture resistant. These labels can hold up in freezing conditions.


nova clients partial

Michael at Nova Custom Label Printing was wonderful to work with, communicative, patient with all my questions, exceptional printing.

Alex Silva Avatar Alex Silva
March 20, 2024

Great printing company. Michael is so easy to work with and the quality and timeliness of their work are fantastic!!!! Highly recommend.

Monica Micceri Avatar Monica Micceri
March 8, 2024

We loved working with Nova for our custom stickers. We came to him in a major time crunch, and he made sure we got him everything he needed in order to make our deadline. He was incredibly responsive to every update we had, and was immediately on the case when our shipment seemed to be stuck in transit. A+ customer service. Thank you, Michael!

Rebecca Linde Avatar Rebecca Linde
March 8, 2024