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Wine Labeling: 3 Reasons Winemakers Should Include Nutrition Facts

Wine LabelingWine labeling might be heading for a makeover if a European Union law gets some traction on this side of the pond. Any wine sold in the EU must provide ingredient and nutrition facts beginning in December 2023. Some California wine-growing regions have already adopted this requirement.

But why wait for the government to issue yet another edict? Including nutrition facts in wine labeling might be a savvy business move for winemakers worldwide for a wealth of reasons. Here are a few of the reasons nutrition facts should appear on your wine bottles (and boxes, too).

A Wine Nutrition Facts Label Helps Your Brand Ride the Healthy Eating Trend

If you’ve noticed an uptick in exercise equipment and healthy eating ads, you’re not alone. The end of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to take a sobering look at the “quarantine 15” that we’ve added (and kept on) long after the “15 days to slow the spread) has long passed.

That heightened awareness of leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t impact only counting calories and workouts at the gym. A wine nutrition facts label can provide people with essential information about the sugar content in a dessert wine, for instance. That information can be critical for people with diabetes, for instance.

In fact, as Mobley shows, most dinner wines contain little to no sugar. A quick glance at a red or white wine nutrition facts label could ease the fears of overdoing it on the sugar content when choosing a dinner pairing when one of the diners has diabetes or wants to cut back on sugar.

Furthermore, for those people who do need to count calories, most dinner wines average about 120 calories a glass. A nutrition facts white wine or red wine nutrition facts label can make the difference between someone choosing to share a bottle of your best reserve or opting for a glass of diet soda instead.

Red Or White Wine Nutrition Facts Labels Help Consumers Choose Beverages Wisely

Calorie counts, although important, pale in comparison to some of wine’s other benefits, so long as consumers don’t overdo it on the alcohol content. Having wine labeling with nutritional facts on them can help your customers make the best choice for their dietary needs.

While many people choose to go with the traditional pairing of red wine with red meat, and white wines with fish and poultry, others might change their minds when they see the nutritional benefits reds bring to the table. if you were to look at a red wine nutrition facts label, you would find the reds have a distinct advantage over whites when weighing the drinks’ vitamin and mineral content. They’re higher in iron, potassium, riboflavin, and niacin – making them an excellent choice for people trying to raise their nutrient intake.

Or, alternatively, a consumer might choose to pair their steak with a dry white if calorie-counting is their primary objective since a white wine nutrition facts label would show that they are usually lower in calories. Either way, wine labeling with nutritional facts can help drive consumers’ decisions – especially if they compare your wines’ nutritional value with sodas or cocktails.

Get the Advantage Over Your Competitors

Give your wines the advantage over all your competitors when you include white or red wine nutrition facts labels on your wine bottles, boxes, and cans. The team of skilled printers at Nova Custom Label Printing can help coordinate your red or white wine nutrition facts labels with your brand labels for a coherent, flawless presentation that both informs and delights. Contact one of our label specialists today!

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