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Non Profit Charity Label Printing

Non-profit / charity label printing

Non-Profit / Charity Label Printing- Staying within a budget is of paramount importance to non-profits. We understand this because we have a nonprofit organization ourselves in the website.

Nova can help with superior quality fundraising labels. We are also able to print address labels and identity labels. We’ve developed a reliable reputation working with some of the largest charities in the country for years, offering charity labels at reasonable cost to non-profits.

Non profit label printing can be a great resource. Using labels and stickers as nonprofit fundraisers is a very inexpensive way to raise funds for your organization. Whether they be fundraisers for schools or charities, not only can stickers and labels raise funds but also awareness as well.

Think of all the exposure over the months and years that bumper stickers and/or custom labels can generate both outdoors and indoors. Thousands of people can see a prominently displayed label in a store window or on a vehicle.

Simply selling a label or sticker for a dollar each at festivals and fairs, or wherever boosters or supporters can find you can generate a profit.

Non Profit Label Printing Uses

People love putting stickers on laptops, cars, bicycles, windows, walls, doors, everywhere! They love showing their affinity for causes they believe in. They spread trust in your brand, because like-minded people align with each other. If a sticker is prominently displayed by someone who is trusted, a person can begin to trust you as well by association.

Labels and stickers also help build brands, because they reinforce brand identity.

Using labels as part of a thank you to your membership can also help advertise your organization. Sending custom labels to prospective donors to help generate funds a well-known marketing tactic that really works. These are just several ideas, but we have many more.

Some of our first clients were charities, and we maintain long-term business relationships with many of them.

In addition, we do not only run a current nonprofit, but previously, we co-founded the 5013c social organization, Metrofly, which helped raise funds for various charities in the New York tri-state area. The organization was very successful and created awareness through social events, exposing small charities to thousands of new prospective donors.

Currently, we have founded the aforementioned website, This website features stories from people all over the world who have overcome adversity to inspire others to never give up.

This Rise Up Eight organization came about through of our own brushes with adversity. Having overcome numerous challenges to become successful, we wanted to make a difference in the world by inspiring people to realize that adversity is not something that is uncommon. It is all part of the human condition. The Rise Up Eight website serves as a worldwide community of inspiration.

As you might understand by now, the Nova custom label printing company believes in giving back, and we understand the importance of making a difference in a world that cares more about making money.

We love offering organizations with a mission our non profit label printing services at prices that you can afford. Please contact us and let’s see if we can work together to raise awareness and funds for your organization.

Read more about how to print stickers of other types here.

Some of our non- profit clients, in addition to many, many more…

clients non-profit labels

Quick turnout, solid communication, and great execution for a last minute label order. Thank you.

Nathan Phalen Avatar Nathan Phalen
June 5, 2024

The Nova team was able to fulfill my order within a short window of time and still produce an amazing product. Our team is so happy with the results, and it was delivered timely. Michael was super flexible and easy to communicate with throughout the process, ensuring nothing would get lost in translation. Every step of the way, he updated me on progress. We will definitely be using them again for many more orders. Thank you, Nova team!!!

Juliet Fern Avatar Juliet Fern
June 5, 2024

By far the most positive experience ever! Michael is professional, prompt, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Finally found our go-to print shop, no reason to work with anyone else for all our printing needs. Simply the best!

Emily Gray Avatar Emily Gray
June 4, 2024