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Custom Label Printing

Reusable Labels Versus Permanent Labels: What’s the Difference?

The holidays are over; you’ve taken down the decorations and put away the presents. Most of them – all except for that one with the label you can’t get off no matter what you try. That’s because the seller didn’t order reusable labels for her products. It’s frustrating – and you want to do better …

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Removable Labels For Walls, Windows & More

While most labels have permanent adhesive, there are times when labels need to be removable. Whether they are placed on a surface that cannot be damaged or are for a temporary purpose, removable labels, removable stickers, and removable wall decals are the perfect solution to this challenge. Labels for art galleries are a perfect example. …

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Proper Label Application Techniques to Maximize Your Investment

Businesses invest large amounts of money in their products, from concept to manufacturing and distribution. Unless a product is digital, that investment includes labeling. Using proper label application techniques is, therefore, a must to make the most of that investment. Here’s how to get labeling right the first time. Applying Labels to Products by Machine …

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Foil-Stamped Labels – Uses and Advantages

Foil-stamped labels are the marketing world’s version of those shiny foil-wrapped gifts that kids always unwrap first at holiday time. They grab people’s attention. Put them on your packaging, and your business can have an immediate edge on the competition. They draw customers to themselves. Learn more about what makes these labels a superior choice …

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Announcing Our New Label Printing Website Re-Design

Nova’s Re-designed Website Is Now Live Online! As seen on Yahoo! Finance, the Nova Custom Label Printing company in New York is proud to announce the launching of our website re-design.  This new label printing website has been in the planning for months. We’ve revamped everything so that all our products and services are easier …

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Creating Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels for the Coronavirus and Beyond

Popping up on social media since the coronavirus was a thing, designer labels for hand sanitizer bottles appear beside custom masks in a blitz of timely advertising. Chalk it up to making lemonade from life’s lemons. American businesses, like they have in crises past, have stepped up to the plate, creating masks, hand sanitizer, and …

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Cosmetic Label Design Tips That Sell

In the cosmetics industry, the glut of competitors makes it essential that brands find a way to set themselves apart among shelves after shelves of similar products. The best way to grab a customer’s eye – and their business — is a standout cosmetic label design. Having an exceptional label is even more critical for …

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How to Brand Custom Candle Labels for Jars, Votives, & Tins

There’s nothing like the glow of a custom candle to set the mood in a room. But to get that candle to a customer’s home is another story. How does a candle maker brand custom candle labels for jars, votives, and tins? Custom labels for candles need to do two things: call attention to the …

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Embossed Labels or Debossed Labels?

If you’ve ever encountered a product label that has a 3D texture, you’ve probably touched an embossed or debossed label. Whether it’s the visual or tactile aspect of this design strategy, psychologists say, it makes a huge impact on customers’ decisions to buy products. For that reason, it’s incumbent on business owners and their marketing …

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