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Creating Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels for the Coronavirus and Beyond

Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels CoronavirusPopping up on social media since the coronavirus was a thing, designer labels for hand sanitizer bottles appear beside custom masks in a blitz of timely advertising. Chalk it up to making lemonade from life’s lemons.

American businesses, like they have in crises past, have stepped up to the plate, creating masks, hand sanitizer, and even ventilators for coronavirus patients and caregivers all over the country.

As a company with a wealth of experience creating custom hand sanitizer labels for the healthcare industry, Nova Custom Label Printing has been ready to meet the need for fast, accurate labels for hand sanitizer or other essential products.

Meanwhile, although no one we know of has created designer ventilators, manufacturers have applied their boundless creativity to create attention-grabbing masks and labels for their hand sanitizer bottles, as Robert Klara, writing in Ad Age, points out.

Distilleries Apply Their Creativity to Labels for Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Today’s distilleries, particularly the small-batch brewers, have no limit to their creativity. With catchy names like Hop Dogma, Triple Voodoo, Alpha Acid, Brain Brew, and Mammoth – just to name a few — breweries have some imaginative folks on their team.

Many of those breweries, the aforementioned Mammoth among them, have put their branding power to work to create eye-catching labels for hand sanitizer bottles. Part of that labor of love is simply their creativity oozing out.

Sanitizer Labels That Appeal to the Younger Generation

Yet there’s a bit of the practical at work as well. As Klara puts it, “Cool packaging can make a particular impression on younger consumers.” And as we know, younger consumers are the demographic that needs to take hand washing guidelines more seriously.

Although they’re rarely susceptible to the more serious effects of the disease, young people can carry the COVID-19 (or any contagious disease, for that matter) to a more vulnerable segment of the population. Trendy-looking labels for hand sanitizer bottles that catch their attention (think Instagrammable!) will be more likely to convince them to purchase their sanitizer.

As influencers among their millennial and Gen-Z peers start posting their designer hand sanitizer labels, more and more young people will start buying – and using – this life-saving product.

Label Art that Lifts the Spirit During Stressful Times

People love a label that catches their attention – whether it be with a sleek design or a catchy name and logo. During stressful times, that little touch of beauty or humor, as Klara points out, can provide shoppers with a little mood-booster as they browse through the available selections, even with hand sanitizer bottle labels.

To those ends, Mammoth – and quite a few of the other artisan breweries that converted to sanitizer production – created packaging that customers in their target demographics would pay top dollar for. Mammoth, for instance, used “retro glass bottles with black screw caps” with a label worthy of its finest whiskey. That humble hand sanitizer is now part of Neiman Marcus’ high-end skincare line. True to its generous offer to switch over its production to a life-saving product, the company gave out most of its sanitizer to healthcare workers and other first responders.

The US Labeling Industry Turns Up the Heat Against COVID-19

For those sanitizer producers not so lucky as to have a visual artist as its CEO, as Mammoth has, many new hand sanitizer manufacturers have turned to the labeling industry for guidance. With the pace of manufacturing stepped up, many of these companies have little time to put their in-house team to work on designing custom hand sanitizer bottle labels.

Label makers with prior experience creating eye-catching labels for bottles are often the first company these sanitizer manufacturers turn to for labels for their sanitizers. Not only do these label makers work with sanitizer companies, but they also create labels for face masks, testing kits, medications, and even syringes.

For masks, cleaning products, and hand sanitizers, of course, labels need to provide a visual cue to spur customers to buy – and use – these protective products. But when it comes to labels for medications and other protective gear, creative takes a back seat to accuracy.

Label makers have stepped up production to meet that need. One of the nation’s companies, for instance, shipped out a billion labels in two weeks’ time.

As other industries need to stand on the sidelines to prevent the spread, label makers have had to work extra hard to meet the demand for accurate, easy-to-read labels. That rush to manufacture – even as they need to mitigate the threat among their own teams – requires label makers to not only step up their production but their safety measures as well.

An Increased Need for Ready-to-Eat Food Labels Causes More Demand for Labels

In addition to their most essential work – creating labels for sanitizer and other products to fight the deadly coronavirus – label companies also face an increased demand for ready-to-eat food. With parents having to take a crash course in the art of teaching to keep their children’s learning going during the pandemic, families often turn to ready-to-eat foods at the end of a tough day at school.

Although accurate labeling for dosing isn’t an issue with food labels, the accuracy of ingredients is. Not only that, but label manufacturers must make additional efforts to:

  • Keep the label production facility clean to avoid contamination of the end product
  • Create enticing labels that will attract families to choose their clients’ product over its competitors.

Whether it’s custom hand sanitizer labels, medicine labels, or labels for fast food at home, the labeling industry has stepped up to meet the nation’s need for attractive, accurate labels for essential goods. More than just an arm of the advertising industry, label makers are helping to do battle with the nation’s “invisible enemy,” the coronavirus.

To discover more about what the Nova team can do for your products during the current crisis – or during the recovery – contact us today.

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