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Foil-Stamped Labels – Uses and Advantages

Foil Stamped LabelsFoil-stamped labels are the marketing world’s version of those shiny foil-wrapped gifts that kids always unwrap first at holiday time. They grab people’s attention.

Put them on your packaging, and your business can have an immediate edge on the competition. They draw customers to themselves.

Learn more about what makes these labels a superior choice for a business’s products. Then, put their visual impact to work for you.

How Are Foil-Stamped Labels Made?

Printers use a process called foil stamping to create these eye-catching labels. Using pressure and heat, label makers apply foil and metallic print onto paper, card stock, or plastic.

This ink-free technique allows printers to create a variety of looks, such as holographic and matte textures, in addition to traditional metallics. Although technology has greatly improved over the years, printers have used foil stamping since the 1800s to add a glimmer of metallic beauty to holiday cards, wrapping paper, and ribbons.

Today’s foil stamping uses several layers of high-tech materials to create its unique look. Since the process printers use depends on heat to transfer the design onto the end product, many printers call this process “hot foil stamping.”

A heated cylinder or plate presses the foil onto the label, melting one of the layers – the release layer – and activating an adhesive that attaches the foil to the label. It’s fast, effective, and economical, giving labels a high-end look for less.

What Can I Use Foil-Stamped Labels For?

Custom foil stamped labels are the perfect choice for labeling products with a luxurious edge. Labels for designer garments and accessories; high-end wines, beers, and spirits; top-quality cosmetics, gourmet foods, or tags for elegant furnishings and home décor are all good candidates for their use.

Pigmented Foil Labels

Beautifully colored designs in either glossy or matte non-metallic finishes work well on nature-themed products, such as organic foods, nature-based cosmetics, and sustainably sourced clothing. These labels have all the durability and beauty without the glitz, making them an excellent choice to attract customers whose passion is a better environment and cleaner food.

Custom Gold Foil-Stamped Labels

There’s nothing like the gleam of gold to attract luxury buyers. Using custom gold foil-stamped labels on high-end products will draw these customers’ eyes to the shelves on which a store displays its luxury brands.

Whether it’s gourmet mushrooms in a grocery store or the latest fashions from a top designer, custom gold foil-stamped labels mark these products as the top of their line. It pays to give them labels worthy of their quality.

Stores that merchandise these products in a designated area apart from more mundane ones give them extra cachet. Whether it’s a separate section of a grocery store set apart for gourmet items or a designer fashion salon in a department store, this strategy appeals to those customers who want others to see them as wealthy.

With their gold foil labels attracting the attention of customers looking for world-class products and a special section to showcase these products, businesses can give their highest-quality products the attention they deserve.

Getting all the details right, like attaching custom gold foil-stamped labels, adds an extra bit of sophistication to the luxury customer experience. Partnering with a design team that brings out all the innate beauty of these labels is the icing on the cake.

Other Metallic Foils

Gold isn’t the only option in metallic foils. Silver, copper, and rose gold are other elegant options. Use other metallics to complement the color of the product itself, as well as the rest of the labeling on the product.

Pearlescent Foil Labels

Labels for wedding accessories, womenswear, or girls’ jewelry give the items inside the package a feminine, youthful vibe. With pearls’ connection to the sea, pearlescent labels can also give nautical-themed home décor and accessories packaging a themed look.

Holographic and Other Unique Foil Labels

If you have products that appeal to tweens and younger teens, holographic or sparkle-patterned foil labels would be an excellent choice. Holographic labels give the illusion of a three-dimensional, textural design that often shifts color when you view it from a different angle. Striped foils, on the other hand, would appeal to people with an interest in law enforcement or the military. Patriotic-themed striped foils would be a great choice for military surplus stores and K-9 training equipment stores.

Scratch-Off Foils for Special Sales

The same scratch-off technology that lotteries use for scratch-off tickets is the perfect choice for labels on merchandise for special sales. Put several discounted prices at the bottom of the label. When customers take their selections to the sales counter, they scratch off one of the foils covering the price. The price that they reveal is the price they pay.

Gold Foil-Stamped Stickers Promote a Business with Added Cachet

Labels aren’t the only items that can help businesses take advantage of foil stamping. Gold foil-stamped stickers make superb promotional items and name badges for meetings and trade shows.

Gold creates an aura about a business that takes it way beyond ho-hum stickers and name tags. Gold foil-stamped stickers give a company and its employees an aura of elegance.

Gold foil-stamped stickers aren’t the only foil stickers that make excellent promotional items, though.

Holographic or sparkly foil stickers are great to hand out to kids or use for first-day-of-school name tags, while metallic stickers in colors other than gold are good choices for promotional stickers and name tags for companies whose logo and company colors go better with other metallic tones.

Use pearlized foil stickers, combined with small candies and other items, as party favors for bridal and baby showers, while striped foil stickers with an American flag logo would make the perfect choice for name tags at local or national political party gatherings.

Whatever your preference, the design team at Nova Custom Printing can help create foil-stamped stickers and labels that reflect your brand and draw attention to your products. We partner with you to meet your deadlines and provide all the detail that sets your brand apart from its competitor. Get in touch for an in-depth consultation today!


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