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Productivity Tips For Business Success

It can be difficult to motivate yourself at times as an entrepreneur. The good news is that there are daily activities that can aid in developing motivation and thereby, increasing productivity. We’ve previously discussed overcoming challenges in business, and understanding that adversity is not something to fear, but to welcome. In this article, we will …

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What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

We always talk with our clients about their USP (unique selling proposition), also known as the unique selling point, and how that is the most important part of brand positioning. So why and what is brand positioning, and why is developing a USP so important for a business? How can that all be communicated through …

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How To Get a Barcode for a Product Label

While great product label design can certainly drive higher sales, there’s an not so glamorous side to labeling that is equally critical for your business. While barcodes on product labels aren’t exactly sexy, they can help you simplify several essential tasks that can also lead to higher sales in the long run. Learn why barcodes …

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Top 10 Design Tips for Effective Storefront Signs That Sell

Want to draw more customers into your business? Effective storefront signs can catch their eye and make them curious about the business. Here are ten quick tips that can make storefront signs stand out from those of all competitors. 1x. Display The Brand Logo Prominently On Signs Having an attractive and catchy brand logo that …

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Time for Camp Stickers and Other Personalized Stickers For Kids!

It’s almost summer, and you know what that means. Kids will get out of school soon and head off to summer camp and other warm-weather activities. Are you ready with enough camp stickers and personalized kids’ stickers to satisfy their demand? There’s nothing like stickers to entice kids to be on their best behavior. They …

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How Do Safety Signs and Labels Help Businesses Reopen Safely?

After sanitizing every surface in a building – and even sanitizing the sanitizer bottles, what more can be done? Actually, there is one more thing. Safety signs and labels help businesses reopen safely, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Placing hygiene reminders at strategic locations, can make a business a safer, healthier place …

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Outdoor Labels

In this post, we’ll discuss outdoor labels, laminated labels and waterproof labels. When a company needs to create labels for outdoor use specifically, a number of materials can be used for this purpose. If indeed, the labels will be exposed to any of the elements, they need to either be waterproof, or need to have …

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Announcing Our New Label Printing Website Re-Design

Nova’s Re-designed Website Is Now Live Online! As seen on Yahoo! Finance, the Nova Custom Label Printing company in New York is proud to announce the launching of our website re-design.  This new label printing website has been in the planning for months. We’ve revamped everything so that all our products and services are easier …

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How to Start a Small Business During the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

What is the one thing we have more of than ever before during the coronavirus pandemic? Time. Leverage that time to do everything it takes to start a business: research target customers’ demographics, analyze audience data, learn new skills, and study possible directions for the new business to take. While it may not be the …

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How to Maintain Customer Loyalty During and After a Crisis

When content marketing strategist Michael Brenner proclaimed 2020 to be the “year of the customer,” he likely didn’t realize that a crisis was just around the corner – the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. I would argue that during a crisis, putting the customer at the center of your marketing strategy takes on even more importance than …

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