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Time for Camp Stickers and Other Personalized Stickers For Kids!

camp stickersIt’s almost summer, and you know what that means. Kids will get out of school soon and head off to summer camp and other warm-weather activities. Are you ready with enough camp stickers and personalized kids’ stickers to satisfy their demand?

There’s nothing like stickers to entice kids to be on their best behavior. They don’t cause cavities; they’re environmentally friendly, and most importantly, kids love them. Something about slapping a sticker on a personal item says, “It’s mine.”

Order Stickers For Camp That Are Built to Last

Make campers’ memories last for a lifetime with keepsake camp stickers as rugged as the kids themselves. The higher the quality of the camp sticker, the more likely your campers will proudly display them on their school notebooks next fall.

When their seatmate asks, “Where did you get that cool sticker,” your camper can proudly brag about the good times they had at your campground, increasing the likelihood that your camper will bring a friend or two with him when he returns next year.

In fact, some kids treasure the good times they had at your camp so much that they’ll keep their stickered items in a scrapbook to show their own kids. That’s long-term goodwill that a seasonal business, like a summer camp, needs to show a profit year-round.

And, if yours is a non-profit camp, lifetime loyalty is a must to turn former campers into donors as they mature and head out into the world. These low-cost, low-maintenance brand-builders can keep your camp at the top of their minds, even in the dead of winter.

If your camp holds competitions in swimming, archery, or campcraft, think about giving the winners kids’ camp stickers as prizes. Kids from pre-kindergarten to high school and beyond love to decorate their personal belongings with something that reminds them of their achievements.

Get a Jumpstart on Fall Activities with Kids Personalized Stickers

If summer camp is only one of your organization’s kids’ activities, you probably ramp up your activities after school starts again. Personalized stickers for kids are fantastic rewards for your top performers, be they in school or out.

For Schools

Want to motivate your students to shoot for the stars? Stickers with students’ favorite cartoon characters, animals, or designs can provide instant recognition for a job well done. Consider kiss cut sticker sheets for kids, with different shapes laid out on a sheet.

Get parents in on the act with stickers that promote your school. Build school spirit and encourage parents to support all your school’s activities, and you’ll never want for volunteers again.

Since not all students can be honor students, think outside the box for “brag bumper stickers” that reward students for their involvement in other activities, such as school leadership, sports, special interest clubs, and more.

Don’t forget your alumni. Whether yours is an institution of higher learning, a high school, or even a grade school, alumni love their bragging rights. So, be sure to provide alumni with stickers that show their school pride long after they’ve graduated.

Show your students some extra love during fall holidays, such as Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Nothing can brighten up a dull fall day like a cheerful sticker atop a graded homework assignment.

Additionally, if you take your students on fall field trips, provide them with stickers as mementos of the fun they had and the friends they made.

For Youth Clubs

Scouts, 4-H, or special interest clubs – kids love to have a tribe where they feel welcome and valued. In them, kids learn more than just about the topics they cover in meetings. They learn valuable social skills, leadership, public speaking, etiquette, and other qualities they will need in adulthood.

Kids love to showcase their membership in these clubs with stickers they can attach to their bikes, helmets, cell phones, notebooks, and laptops. Again, these personalized kids’ stickers bear your club’s name – and help attract new members as other children catch the waves of enthusiasm from your current members.

For Sports Teams and Clubs

There’s nothing like sports to build character in kids. So, if you’re a coach or volunteer leader in a kids’ sports league, team, or club, you know that attracting new participants is the key to success.

Personalized children’s stickers for your athletes and their parents identify them as someone special. Most child athletes are passionate about their sport and will proudly display their team’s stickers on their notebooks, bikes, laptops, phones, or duffle bags.

Parents, on the other hand, are the backbone of your organization. They cart their kid to practice at 4:30 in the morning, pay for expensive out-of-town trips to competitions, and furnish the emotional support your athletes need for a successful season. Reward them with bumper stickers that proclaim to the world that their child is a member of your team.

Attract More Kids to Your Seasonal Business with Branded Kids’ Stickers

Some of a kid’s finest summer memories are made at swimming pools, theme parks, and miniature golf courses. If yours is a seasonal business, attract your pint-sized customers and their friends with stickers that reward them for coming out to play at your establishment.

When other kids see your stickers on their friends’ notebooks, bikes, or backpacks, they’ll be sure to ask where they got them. After that, enthusiasm for the summer fun you provide them will become your best sales team.

If yours is a business that schools bring kids to on fall field trips, such as a pumpkin patch, farm, or historical site, get your order in now so that you’ll have plenty of stock when busloads of schoolchildren crowd your parking lot. Children’s stickers are a low-cost way to reward schools for choosing your site for their field trips and advertise your business among the students’ parents.

Use Children’s Stickers for Summer Birthday Party Favors

Whether you’re a parent of a child with a summer birthday or the owner of a kid-friendly birthday destination, there’s nothing like fun personalized stickers for kids to mark the occasion for the lucky attendees. Personalize them with the birthday child’s name or die-cut stickers in fun shapes; stickers are the one item that a party favor bag ought not be without.

Help Kids Celebrate Summer with Perennially Popular Stickers

If your business or organization caters to kids, personalized stickers for kids are the one item you must have on hand to etch yourself into their memory. It’s not only the kid-friendly themes and shapes that make stickers perennially popular among the younger set.

It’s that sensory component, say the parenting experts at, that evokes those “positive emotional responses of happiness and excitement.” They feel sticky to a child’s fingers yet don’t overwhelm their sensory responses as do powerful glues and even thick syrups.

Whatever it is, we in the sticker printing industry know that camp stickers act like kid magnets for businesses who put them to use. Beat the summer rush and order yours today!

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April 16, 2024

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