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Custom Kiss-Cut Sticker Sheets: Not Just for Kids Anymore

custom kiss cut sticker sheetsIf you’re not familiar with the printing business, you might think this post is a bit out of season. “Kiss-cut stickers? Isn’t that a better topic for a Valentine’s Day post?” you might ask.

What Are Custom Kiss-Cut Sticker Sheets?

Kiss-cut stickers aren’t the sticker version of the popular kiss emoji. The term “custom kiss-cut sticker sheets” actually refers to how the stickers are cut and packaged.

Using a precision laser, printers cut custom kiss-cut sticker sheets through only the sticker’s vinyl backing layer so that the backing paper remains intact. The stickers still adhere to the backing material, hence, the analogy to a kiss.

If you’ve ever bought sticker books for a young family member, that’s what we’re talking about.

What’s the Difference Between Kiss-Cut and Die-Cut Stickers?

On the other hand, printing die-cut stickers in the exact shape of the design can come in a “book” of stickers – kind of like a Post-It Note pad, only in a distinctive shape.

Die-cut stickers have been a favorite marketing tool for years now. They’re inexpensive, eye-catching, and serve as mini-billboards on the back of laptops, book covers, or other merchandise.

And, because they’re highly desirable, especially among Gen Z and millennial customers, people perceive them as a gift. That makes them ideal for companies to hand out to prospects and customers to build goodwill.

Custom Sticker Sheets Kiss-Cut, Can Also Help Drive Customer Goodwill

Don’t rule out custom sticker sheets, kiss-cut, as valuable promotional tools. They’re not just for the kiddies anymore.

For businesses, there are a wealth of uses for custom sticker sheets, kiss-cut. Savvy companies are discovering unique strategies to promote themselves using these eye-catching, easy-to-use marketing tools.

Use Kiss-Cut Stickers in Discount Books

Put stickers to use as charming placeholders in discount books, where every sticker stands for a certain amount of spend at your business.

When the customer fills up a book with the colorful kiss-cut stickers, they receive a gift – or a discount on further orders. It’s a new twist on the last century’s thrifty S&H Green Stamps that is catching on fire today as prices soar.

Use Custom Sticker Sheets, Kiss-Cut on Mailed Packages

Adding kiss-cut stickers as a seal on packages you mail out to customers gives your packages a touch of class. When customers see a pretty sticker on a plain package, it rekindles the sense of wonder they once felt when opening birthday or holiday gifts.

Enhancing their experience marks your business as one that goes the extra mile. When you take care of these small details, they’ll be more likely to trust your company with their money.

Instead of Handing Customers a Single Sticker, Hand them a Whole Sheet

Look generous in your customers’ eyes when you include a whole sheet of stickers in their bag as they check out. Using kiss-cut stickers makes that sort of generosity possible.

Your customers will likely attach one to their refrigerator so that they have a handy reference to call you. Additionally, they’ll probably share the stickers with their friends, spreading the word about your business even further around the community.

Use Single Stickers as Business Cards

Since stickers in a kiss-cut format have backing material that protects the sticker, consider ordering single stickers to use instead of business cards. Customers will appreciate the flexibility to either keep them in their wallets or remove the backing and attach them to their laptops, desktops, refrigerators, or another easy-to-access hard surface.

Advantages of Using Stickers of Both Kinds

There is a wealth of benefits when you use stickers of either type in your marketing strategy. Consider putting their power to work to boost your ROI and build awareness of your business.

Low Cost, High ROI

For startups and small businesses, cost is a major factor in choosing which marketing channels to advertise on. Although content marketing, such as blog and social media posts, is low in cost, provided you or an employee is a proficient content writer, it is time-consuming.

But many people need something tangible to jog their memory. Stickers are a great way to get your name, logo, and contact information into customers’ hands without overheating your marketing budget.

Unlike expensive ads on TV and radio – or even online ads – stickers are easily affordable for even the most stringent budgets. And, they’re not easily forgotten, like the name of a business prospects hear on the radio or see on TV.

A Variety of Designs

Since stickers are so cost-effective, you can order stickers in a variety of designs to attract various customer segments. For instance, if you have a farm supplies store, you could order cow stickers for dairy and beef farmers, sheep stickers for your sheep farmers, and horse stickers for the horsemen.

They’ll love that you were so thoughtful as to create stickers that reflect their interests. You’ll love the new business they bring in when they tell their friends.

Stickers also Work as Product Labels

Stickers can do double duty as both marketing swag and as a label for your products. With your logo, contact information, and colorful imagery, stickers can serve as an economical alternative to expensive product labels while still giving your products a classy, homegrown look.

Easy to Use at the Checkout to Drive Impulse Buys

For retailers, colorful stickers on jars or boxes displayed at the checkout can entice people to purchase items they didn’t even come in for. Large retailers, like supermarkets, have used this tactic for years. They rely on the bright, attention-getting labels on candy bars and other junk food to attract the younger set or hungry shoppers.

Apparel stores often display hair clips, ties, or other small accessories at the checkout desk. Toy stores position whistles, small balls, and other novelty playthings to grab children’s attention. When you attach a sticker to the display container, you’ll have twice the visual pop.

And since we’ve mentioned it, stickers for kids are important as well.

Go Bigger with Bumper Stickers

Finally, consider passing out bumper stickers to your customers. If they’re enthusiastic about your products and services, your loyal customers will be happy to spread the word about your brand.

Make colorful, affordable stickers part of your next marketing campaign. If you need some ideas to get started, speak with one of our sticker design professionals today!

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April 16, 2024

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April 16, 2024

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April 9, 2024