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Printing CBD Labels: What You Need to Know

printing CBD labelsPrinting cannabidiol (CBD) labels can be a bit complicated, given the supplement’s legal status is still up in the air in many locations. In this post, we’ll simplify the process so that printing CBD labels is as easy as it can be in these uncertain times.

Many people who suffer from chronic conditions are exploring the possibility of using CBD to see if it can alleviate some of their symptoms. Due to the compound’s complex legal status, it’s often a challenge for them to read product labels to compare products.

Your job is to make it easier for them to read your company’s CBD labels. When it’s easier to understand what’s actually in a product, they can feel confident enough to buy it.

Do Proactive Research to Ensure That CBD Product Labels Are Accurate

Here’s the deal. Since the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved non-prescription CBD items, there aren’t any *official* guidelines to make the labeling process easier. Manufacturers, therefore, must engage a third-party or internal research team to validate their ingredients, both active and inactive.

It’s best to use a third-party research lab, though. It adds the stamp of authority to the product, building trust in your brand. They can also provide a certificate of analysis (COA), which certifies the levels of each ingredient. This certificate can also assure consumers that each product is free from harmful materials.

Assure Customers That Your Products Contain Little or No THC

Most customers only have a vague idea about the difference between CBD and THC. Many of them fear that they’ll get high – and risk DUI convictions – if they use CBD products.

CBD product labels, therefore, need to state that they contain little or no THC. Not only that, but they need to state specifically that the product won’t cause intoxication or get them high. Use down-to-earth language, as opposed to scientific language, to get that message across.

Use blog and social media posts to explain the differences between the two compounds in more detail. Again, use easily understandable wording. Even the best-educated customers prefer easy-to-read copy. Use plenty of related keywords to make sure that these posts land in the top slots of search results.

Differentiate Between Marijuana and Hemp on a Cannabis Oil Label

Since cannabis oil can come from either marijuana or hemp, a cannabis oil label should state clearly from which plant the product came. Since marijuana-derived CBD has a higher level of THC in it, customers need to know that.

If the CBD in a product comes from marijuana, the cannabis oil label should also warn potential customers that the product could produce drowsiness. Like labels for old-school antihistamines and OTC sleep aids, CBD labels for marijuana-derived products should bear a warning that the product could produce drowsiness or dizziness.

Also, include a warning to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery. If you also make hemp-derived CBD, you can direct them to that product with something like, “Looking for a non-drowsy version of [Brand Name] CBD? Try our [insert name of hemp-derived product].”

Like antihistamines and other sleep-inducing OTC medications and supplements, consider writing “Non-Drowsy” on the hemp-derived products. That way, customers can tell at a glance that they won’t have any impairment issues with them.

Make sure that labeling on all products reflect the laws of the states in which they are sold. Seek the help of a lawyer if you have any questions about state laws.

One more thing. Even though the FDA hasn’t yet come up with a set of industry-wide standards for CBD products, it’s best to follow their guidelines and avoid embossed or debossed labels, particularly if the container is transparent. These labels aren’t as easily read as other types.

Drug Test Warnings

Even though hemp-derived CBD has a mere 0.3 percent or less THC content, it can occasionally cause a positive result on a drug test. It’s best to state that fact on labeling to avoid problems later.

Include an Ingredient List and a QR Link to the Certificate of Analysis

Whatever laboratory you use to analyze the active and inactive compounds in each product, make sure that they certify their work. Include a QR code that links to the full certificate on each of the CBD product labels.

If there is no room for the rundown of all the ingredients on the main label, consider a peel-off portion that displays all the ingredients. Some consumers cannot use a product if certain ingredients are present.

For example, some people are allergic to peanut- or seafood-derived ingredients, while others are allergic to additives, such as food coloring. Others, for belief systems or health reasons, cannot use products that contain various ingredients, such as pork, specific kinds of seafood, or even animal products. Being sensitive to those needs and preferences positions a brand as one that cares about their customers and their needs.

Percentages of each ingredient, too, are important if consumers are trying to take a specific amount of a supplement, such as a vitamin or mineral component, every day. The time spent on the details will add value to your product – and revenue to your company – that will make it well worth your time.

Inform Customers About the Quantity of CBD and the Presence of THC

Customers will want to know the exact amount of CBD – in milligrams — contained in each dose or serving of every product. It’s essential that you state this information in a prominent place, usually at the top of your ingredients list.

Furthermore, due to the fact that CBD works better in the presence of THC, some customers might actually want THC in their CBD products. On the CBD product labels, include whether each product contains full-spectrum (with all the natural compounds in a cannabis plant, THC included), broad-spectrum (with all the natural compound except for THC), or if it is an isolate (pure CBD with no possibility of THC).

Savvy CBD customers will know which kinds work best with their condition. Each of the compounds in a cannabis plant has certain benefits that can enhance a product’s usefulness.

For example, a patient with immune or nervous system issues might want a product with cannabinoids in it, as opposed to pure CBD. These naturally occurring chemicals help regulate both the immune and nervous systems. Flavonoids and terpenes, too, occur in some CBD products. Those, too, can have added health benefits customers may want.

Again, make sure to encourage customers to get on the company’s mailing list so that they can have even more information about the products and services the company offers. Be sure to create informative blog posts and email newsletters that spell out the possible benefits these compounds can have. A cannabis oil label can only say so much.

Better to avoid clutter and stick to the essentials. If you need to provide more information, use QR codes or other links to point consumers to more information.

For more guidance on designing the perfect labels for your CBD product, the Nova Custom Label Printing Company can help. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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