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Custom Sticker Printing

Same Day Custom Sticker Printing in NYC, NY, NJ, Long Island & USA

custom sticker printing

Same Day Stickers Printed In Hours From Now – Call 800-495-1306

Custom stickersSince we began, way back in 1995, we decided to be a different kind of company, providing same day custom sticker printing that was more personal than the “big guys”. Staying true to this, we’ve never sold out on that principle in building the company. Since 1995, we’ve kept things personal, serving clients one on one so as not to lose our humanity to an otherwise machine-oriented business. Today we serve major corporations as well as thousands of independent retailers, craftspeople, artists, and individuals in printing same day custom stickers.

We’re often contacted at the last minute to print urgent same day custom stickers that need to be ready for pickup within hours, so emergency jobs are not a problem for us. If there is a rush job for same day stickers that needs fulfilling, please call. Have a big event coming up tonight that you need to print stickers for? Need them to be handed out individually? Not a problem for us. Just contact us ASAP and let us know what you need.

High-Quality Custom Made Stickers – Call 800-495-1306

Our same day sticker printing is of the highest quality, which is why we don’t really compete with those online companies that create cheap stickers for pennies. They don’t last. Our stickers are created with love and we believe in treating our clients the way we want to be treated ourselves – with respect.

All of our custom-made stickers can be supplied on rolls, on sheets, or individually cut to whatever specifications are necessary.

Different materials are available, and depending upon the specific application, we can recommend which material might be most appropriate for a particular job.

Same Day Custom Stickers in Full Color or Color Matching – Call 800-495-1306

Custom stickers can be printed digitally in full-color CMYK, or optionally, up to six Pantone colors by creating flexographic plates and matching colors through the Pantone color system (PMS). We can also print stickers using the offset method or we can silkscreen stickers as well. In addition to the various color options, there are so many size options, that there literally is no limitation. We can also print die-cut shapes and sizes, on sheets or individually.

The advantage of same day stickers printed digitally is that the price can become more affordable depending on the quantity. Speed is another advantage of custom sticker printing which is produced digitally. But when it comes to flexographic printing, plates need to be created which sometimes can add time to the print completion time. It’s always best to discuss with your sales rep so we can figure out the best option for your particular needs.

Sticker Printing Options – Removable or Permanent?

custom made stickersNeed custom-made stickers that are removable? Need extra sticky stickers that stick in tough environments? Just need standard adhesive? All of these options are available…

Removable adhesive is temporary, which allows for the sticker to be removed without leaving unsightly residue. They can also be reused, although the second application will not be as strong as the first.

Standard adhesive is permanent. Can be used indoors or outdoors depending upon the surface that you are sticking them onto.

Tire adhesive is the strongest adhesive you can find. This adhesive is designed to stick on rough surfaces or hard-to-stick surfaces.

Sticker Materials

When it comes to choosing materials for a particular type of custom stickers, we offer several choices. There is the standard gloss paper, which has some shine to it to make it stand out. UV coating is also available, as well as lamination and varnish to protect against moisture, scratching and damage in general.

We also print same day stickers on matte paper, which has more of a flat look, without the shine of gloss material, which allows for a more traditional upscale look. This is preferable for photo shoots.

We also offer options for custom sticker printing on vinyl, film, or polyester materials, which depending upon usage, can be effective for moisture resistance, oil resistance, or all-weather resistance.

If needed, we also offer special materials such as silver foil, gold foil, or other types of foils, which can also be embossed or hot stamped, for specific uses.

Finally, we also offer mailing labels, shipping labels, machine-fed labels, window decals, door decals, customizable sticker sheets, business card labels,  beer and wine labels, and all types of products or promotional stickers.

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Michael at Nova Custom Label Printing was wonderful to work with, communicative, patient with all my questions, exceptional printing.

Alex Silva Avatar Alex Silva
March 20, 2024

Great printing company. Michael is so easy to work with and the quality and timeliness of their work are fantastic!!!! Highly recommend.

Monica Micceri Avatar Monica Micceri
March 8, 2024

We loved working with Nova for our custom stickers. We came to him in a major time crunch, and he made sure we got him everything he needed in order to make our deadline. He was incredibly responsive to every update we had, and was immediately on the case when our shipment seemed to be stuck in transit. A+ customer service. Thank you, Michael!

Rebecca Linde Avatar Rebecca Linde
March 8, 2024