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Custom Product Labels

Product labelsNova Custom Printing specializes in custom product label printing.

We print labels for products such as food and beverages, vitamins and supplements, cosmetics, crafts, electronics, clothing, furniture, machinery, housewares, kitchen equipment, dishes, glassware, and all types of bottles, jars, squeeze tubes, and other packaging.

We print for all types of retail packaging, including bottle labels for:



  • Water Bottles
  • Soft Drinks
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Juices
  • Olive oil
  • Hot Sauce
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Steak Sauce
  • Soup
  • Supplements
  • Glue
  • Cleaning Fluids
  • Vinegar
  • Syrups
  • Liquors

and more.

Labels For Products Of All Types – Call 800-495-1306

custom product labels

Our product label printing is not limited to food products or cleaning products. We also print labels for products such as electronics (phones, game systems, TVs, laptops, desktops, radios, MP3 players, etc. ), and UPC barcode labels.

We also print labels to promote sales of all media and entertainment, including CDs and DVDs, toys, books, music, films, and games. Other labels we print include apparel, furniture, housewares, paint and paint supplies, and building material labels.

Labels to promote sales of products are very important.

As just one recent example, our clients, Random House Books (as well as other book companies we work with) recently ordered labels to stick on book covers which include reviews to help sell more books.

We work with countless ad agencies and digital marketing agencies that help promote the products of their clients, and they turn to us for printing promotional custom product labels.

As they say, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” Establishing a company in NYC that lasts over 20 years is no easy feat. We’ve lasted only because of our quality and our commitment to making sure that each and every one of our clients is 100% satisfied. Most of our business is word-of-mouth, and clients refer us to friends and associates on a daily basis.

Over 25+ Years of Experience In Product Label Printing

We always suggest our clients look around and then come back to us to see how we work differently. Since we started the business in 1995, our expertise has grown to serve not only thousands of small independent thriving businesses, but also we regularly print labels for major corporate clients (see below.) We concentrate on high-quality printing and are well known for delivering on time and within our client’s budgets.

Our expertise in product label printing means that we understand how to create custom-printed labels that need to be refrigerated or frozen, and are exposed to oils, moisture, heat, and the elements.  Therefore, our quality has to be of the utmost importance. We print product labels daily.

We also specialize in printing special labels such as block-out labels, AKA cover-up labels. These labels are designed to cover packaging errors. Using these types of labels to update or change information on custom packaging can save thousands of dollars in repackaging costs. This can include situations where nutritional facts are updated, or there are typos or misspellings in packaging.

Our partial client list speaks for itself…

product label printing clients

In addition to the clients shown here, we’ve printed custom product labels for such varied clients as  L’Oreal, American Express, MasterCard, Google, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Blue Apron,  Zaro’s Bakery, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Vivienne Westwood, Nickelodeon, Bloomingdale’s, CBS Television, Honeywell, Random House, and thousands of small, independent retail establishments.

We work with our clients to not only provide high-quality labels but also offer branding and marketing solutions to help sell more products.

While some people think that custom product labels are not essentially important and really only call attention to themselves when they malfunction, they may not realize that a well-designed and correctly manufactured label can actually help sell more products.

Custom Design, Materials, Varnish And Lamination – Call 800-495-1306

This is why Nova only works with the finest materials made in the USA, and offers design consultations to ensure that each product label stands out from the competition. We don’t just print stickers for business, we provide marketing and branding solutions to our clients.

When necessary, varnish or lamination can be added to the labels for additional protection. Labels for products can be supplied on rolls, on sheets, individually cut, or created for unique client specifications.

A Product Labels Case Study

Here is a case study of label printing for small businesses. We’ve been printing labels for Dr. Susan Eisen and the company, Tick Tock Naturals since their first order years ago. The company has now received national press from Town & Country Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Modern Luxury Magazine, and others, and we’ve been their exclusive label provider since the beginning.

As clients of Dr. Eisen’s healthcare practice, we knew she would expect only the highest quality custom label printing, and so we got to work on creating a custom job for her that would fit the specifications of this unique product.

Most insect repellents that are store bought contain chemicals, sometimes harmful chemicals, but this product is all-natural, and works.

There are many diseases that are carried by mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects…infections that can co-inhabit in its human host simultaneously making it very difficult to cure these infections. Diseases including the West Nile Virus and Lyme disease are perhaps the best well-known, but there are others as well. The best defense against these diseases is to prevent getting bitten in the first place. And Tick Tock does a great job of keeping the insect wolves at bay…:)

How Nova’s Custom Solutions Can Help

Dr. Eisen needed two sizes for custom label printing — a 2.5×5.75″ label for the 4 oz. size product and a 2.5×4.5″ label for the 2.5 oz. travel size product and was a bit concerned about getting all her needs met. The challenge here was maintaining a natural look with the full color labels but still offer protection against oils and moisture, so the labels would last regardless of exposure to its ingredients Lemongrass oil, Eugenol and Grape seed oil.

We agreed that a matte label with a special matte varnish would be the way to go, because a glossy look would go against the feel of an organic, all-natural product such as this. While a standard, gloss varnish would work just as well, the matte varnish would offer protection without the usual “shine” that comes with a standard varnish.

We were able to print and ship the custom printed labels to Dr. Eisen, who received it on schedule for a promotional event she had scheduled in advance.

As with Tick Tock Naturals, we’ve been serving the same clients for years, because our business relationships are based on long-term trust. Our clients rely on us to print labels of the highest quality, always on time, and at a reasonable cost.

Michael at Nova Custom Label Printing was wonderful to work with, communicative, patient with all my questions, exceptional printing.

Alex Silva Avatar Alex Silva
March 20, 2024

Great printing company. Michael is so easy to work with and the quality and timeliness of their work are fantastic!!!! Highly recommend.

Monica Micceri Avatar Monica Micceri
March 8, 2024

We loved working with Nova for our custom stickers. We came to him in a major time crunch, and he made sure we got him everything he needed in order to make our deadline. He was incredibly responsive to every update we had, and was immediately on the case when our shipment seemed to be stuck in transit. A+ customer service. Thank you, Michael!

Rebecca Linde Avatar Rebecca Linde
March 8, 2024