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The Problems With Cheap Customized Stickers

customized stickers

Stickers are known to be an effective means of marketing. It is often used by companies to introduce its products and services. Custom Stickers bear the advantage of convenience – and can be posted anywhere. Stickers can be placed indoors or outdoors. And if someone should want to maximize its visibility, they can even be placed on something mobile like public utility vehicles or even on an automobile. This method is indeed one of the cheapest means of making a product, service, or even the company itself known. But are there problems with the quality of cheap stickers?

What Exactly are Custom Stickers?

Simply put, it is a celebrated method of propagating knowledge about simply anything. It can drive people’s curiosity crazy. Who would have thought that a piece of plastic or paper coupled with an adhesive on just one side, bearing a unique design of choice could be a very good conveyor of information?

They come in all shapes and sizes and can even be used as a decoration – depending on what the situation calls for. There are various applications, and if creativity strikes, the possibilities are truly endless.

A Question of Quality

Some stickers are made to last, but nowadays, anyone can find a lot of cheap stickers all over the internet. This is quite frustrating for some because they do not get the intended results they were going after. Those who venture into cheap, low quality print jobs often complain about a lot of things. They may have saved a small amount of cash in the production, but they have sacrificed a lot of other factors:

1. Low quality stickers are bound to disintegrate quickly. They do not even last for weeks. When subjected to the elements like the heat of the sun or drizzling rain, a low quality sticker is likely to erode quickly.

2. A cheap sticker printer can make designs that are subpar or below quality. Complaints like overstretched design or mismatched colors are often heard. The print quality may look like photocopies when some online companies don’t bother to check for quality.

3. Low quality printers use low quality adhesive that can ruin surfaces. A special oil based liquid solution might be needed to remove the stain if there is ever a need to remove the sticker.

These are just some of the complaints that can be encountered if choosing to go for cheap stickers. These types of stickers use cheap and low quality materials so there’s really nothing much to expect from it. Saving money in the short term ends up costing more money in the long term. By going with the cheapest price, the customer often ends up getting shafted.

The Solution: Go For High Quality Sticker Printing

Since stickers should stand the test of time, going for high quality printing, which costs only a little more is usually worth it. At least, you know that nothing will go wrong with your intent – propagating specific advocacies, promoting products or organizations, promoting a rock band or music group, advertising the company’s reputation, and campaigning for a specific political party or candidate. Yes, it may cost more but it will go beyond expectations. It will last for months – years even, without suffering from wear and tear. This way, there will no longer be complaints about the negative effects of choosing cheap and low quality stickers.

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June 5, 2024

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June 5, 2024

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June 4, 2024