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Marketing Your Brand For Valentine’s Day

marketing-your-brandMany businesses give client gifts during the winter holiday season. With all of the gifts pouring in, though, it is hard to keep track of who gave what. If client gifts are given on a different holiday, however, the gift may be more memorable. How about Valentine’s Day? Marketing your brand for Valentines day doesn’t have to be a chore…

When Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, what is one of the first things broken out? Bubbly drinks and chocolates, of course. These fizzy beverages and mood-boosting sweets help lighten the mood and help everyone get into a celebratory frame of mind. Why not spread that love around to customers and clients this Valentine’s Day?

Showing Clients Love With Tasty Valentine’s Day Gifts Featuring A Logo

Present clients with a custom-labeled bottle of the bubbly or a box of chocolates on a day on which they least expect it—Valentine’s Day. They will associate the business with happy times and look forward to doing business together for years to come.

If custom labels are designed with a Valentine’s Day theme, they will associate the brand with the feel-good Valentine vibes. With such love in the air—and on the gift itself— imprint your company’s name upon the hearts of grateful clients.

Retailers, Sweeten Valentine’s Day Deals with Some Edible Extras

Clothing retailers, of course, do a booming business on Valentine’s Day, with negligées and frilly undergarments flying out the door. Jewelry retailers, too, have a packed house on the weeks leading up to that holiday. Yet those negligées and necklaces have nothing to help the recipients remember the store as the place to return when they want more of those treasured items.

If giving away a free bottle of a bubbly drink or a box of chocolates—both wearing the store’s custom label—with every purchase over a given amount, though, will create goodwill in both the purchaser and the recipient. Many Valentine’s Day recipients, after all, keep bottles and candy boxes long after they have consumed the drinks and sweets as a memento of the happy occasion. Those containers, with the company’s name framed in an attractive logo, can serve as a reminder where they can buy such happy memories—your store. This type of idea can build awareness of a business throughout the community.

Spas, Restaurants, and Resort Hotels Can Create More Than Memories on Valentine’s Day

Many spas, restaurants, and resort hotels offer special rates on Valentine’s Day. Certainly, a gift of spa services, a festive meal, or a night in a luxury hotel is a memorable gift. But what has been given to those guests to take home so they will remember this the next time they want to celebrate a special occasion?

If including a custom-designed box of chocolates or a custom-labeled bottle of bubbly with the package, the recipients will probably take those gifts home with them. Bearing the company logo, these attractive packages will be hard for the recipients to throw into the trash when they have finished. Into the memento collection they will go, reminding them of what a great time they had at your establishment every time they look at them.

Promoting your brand offline means being creative. By giving clients tasty gifts bearing the company’s logo at an unexpected time of the year, the company can be a standout. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to create a great impression in clients’ and customers’ minds. On a holiday that is designed to celebrate love, show some love to those who make your business grow all year long.

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June 5, 2024

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June 5, 2024

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June 4, 2024