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How to Create Effective Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Custom Cosmetic PackagingCustom cosmetic packaging has become a key differentiator in the cosmetic industry as new, independent brands seek to disrupt the one-time staid industry. Nowhere is that more evident than in the lineup for the fifth annual Indie Beauty Expo, coming up this week in New York City.

Upstart brands from five continents plan to showcase their wares, hoping to attract the attention of U.S. fashion and cosmetic retailers. Unlike traditional brands, most of these new entries set themselves apart by their nature-sourced, organic ingredients—or their eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

In a sea of international competitors, effective cosmetics packaging is a must to stand out among the crowd. That factor is as vital for online and brick-and-mortar sellers as it is for trade shows—perhaps even more so.

Designers Share Their Effective Cosmetics Packaging Tips

A wealth of information exists online about designing the perfect package. However, many of these articles don’t deal specifically with cosmetics packaging. Here are some of the ways that cosmetic manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can package their cosmetic selections more effectively.

Packaging for Cosmetics Must Attract the Product’s Target Customers

It’s important to realize that cosmetics companies must first research their customer base. For example, if a company manufactures organic, eco-friendly products, it’s likely that it should tailor its packaging to millennials and baby boomers wanting to relive their old hippie days.

Earthy browns and lush greens, sketchings of the plants that the product contains will draw the eye of people in those target demographics. On the backside of the package, write a description that uses words like “earth-friendly,” “organic,” or even “vegan,” if the products contain no animal-based ingredients.

On the other hand, if the product’s target customers are tween girls who love all things pink, glittery and trendy, take a few moments to read magazines targeted at that demographic. Cute, perky and sparkly designs should appear front and center, while the product’s description should mirror those in their favorite mags.

Though the public has made great strides in gender equality, packaging for men’s cosmetics should usually mirror traditionally masculine motifs. Bold, dark colors and traditional fonts, combined with sports and wilderness motifs, will catch most men’s eyes. Unless sellers intend to target a segment of the male population that breaks the traditional mold—like some millennials—it’s best to stick to traditional when it comes to the male cosmetic market

Cosmetic Labels Printing Should Capture the Essence of the Product

cosmetics packagingNot only do sellers need to target their ideal customers, but they also need to make their packaging for cosmetics reflect what’s inside. For instance, foundation makeup manufacturers often use clear or semi-transparent bottles to show customers the tint inside. On the display counter, a range of shades that run the gamut from ivory to tan to ebony and everything in between look gorgeous. Fingernail polish sellers, too, use the product’s pop of color inside clear bottles to catch the eyes of busy shoppers.

Other cosmetics, though, might want to use cosmetic labels printing that emphasizes features of their product. For instance, a fragrance manufacturer whose perfume highlights floral and fruity notes should consider putting images of those fruits and flowers on their label. Men’s fragrances with leather notes often include horsey or Western themes on labels for cosmetic products.

Lipstick makers might do well with cosmetic labels printing that included images of luscious, full lips—pursed seductively in a pout. For blush labeling, images of rosy, healthy-looking cheeks will attract potential customers.

 When Choosing a Label Design For Cosmetic Products, Consider Brand Identity

Custom cosmetic packaging should also reflect the company or collection’s brand image. Also consider the brand’s stylistic quality, as well of that particular collection.

  • Use store-brand labels: These labels should also reflect the overall brand. If the product is part of a store brand line, it should bear at least some elements of the store’s branding, such as a logo and its distinctive font.
  • Style matters when it comes to branding: Most brands have a distinctive voice. Both Lancome and Dior go for the luxury market, while Hermes goes even more upscale after the horsey set. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger go after the wholesome, sporty image, while Urban Decay captures the edgy look. Consider the brand image when designing labels for cosmetic products.
  • Collections often have distinctive themes to consider: Even within a given brand, there are style variations among the brand’s collections. Lancome, for instance, develops seasonal collections, while MAC offers collections that vary by emotional tone. Contrast their “Love Me” line of lip colors—designed to enhance the romance—with their whimsical “Aladdin” collection and their minimalist “Strip Down” line of barely-there nudes. Cosmetic manufacturers who have such collections should choose custom cosmetic packaging that sets each collection apart from the others.

Consider the Display When Choosing Package Design

When they look at potential designs for cosmetic packaging, sellers must also consider where they plan to display their products. Online sales venues often utilize close-up views, where customers can see every detail on the label. To nail cosmetic labels printing for online sales, it’s best to create a prototype package, photograph it, and test it on various devices to see if it looks as great as it does in real life when posted online.

Brick-and-mortar displays must catch the attention of customers who are passing by. Cosmetics are often impulse purchases—so it’s prudent to design packaging for cosmetics that grabs customers’ eyes and look too tempting to resist. The larger the store, the more packaging for cosmetics must stand out.

Market Forecast Looks Good to Grow over the Next Four Years

With the global cosmetics packaging market looking to reach USD 35.6 billion by the end of 2019, as Reuters predicts the cosmetics industry looks to be in great shape. Indeed, industry experts forecast that the market will grow at a 5.2 percent rate through 2023.

With that kind of growth, it pays for cosmetics manufacturers to invest in top-quality packaging for its products. Nova Custom Printing is a cosmetic packaging company with over 24 years of experience. Nova can also help with creating barcode labels for products. Our design experts can create labels for cosmetic products that will catch your customers’ eyes whatever the display. To learn more, get in touch with us today.


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