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How Cosmetic Companies Use Labels to Boost Brand Awareness

Cosmetic CompaniesWhen cosmetic companies want to boost brand awareness, the first thing they turn to is a distinctive label. Why not a catchy ad or better SEO?

The reason why the label is a cosmetic company’s number-one concern is that the first place cosmetics customers look at is a crowded store shelf. No matter how exclusive the store, there is only so much room for merchants to keep their displays.

To stand out in a crowded display, cosmetics companies invest wisely when they demand a label that conveys a product’s value in a single glance.

Part of that perceived value, of course, is the brand itself. To today’s Instagram-savvy cosmetics customers, the brand image is an essential ingredient in the item’s cachet.

After all, it is fashion we’re talking about. In the cosmetics industry, image is everything.

Cosmetic product labels that showcase that image to make a particular cosmetic product stand heads above its competitors are the secret sauce that makes or breaks a product. After all, no matter how much research cosmetic companies put into their products, it’s the customer that makes the final decision.

That decision comes from desire. The right label can create the kind of desire that drives customers to buy.

The Secret Ingredient a Cosmetic Company Craves

At Nova Custom Label Printing, we specialize in creating cosmetic product labels that create that kind of desire. Our clients trust us to create high-end labels that set their products apart from others on the shelf.

A cosmetic company spends a lot of money in research to find just the right ingredients. This could be in order to create a flawless skin texture or a perfect lip tone. It might be to create a fragrance that evokes a summer meadow redolent with the scents of flowers and fruits. But often, these companies forget the one ingredient that will showcase both what it will do for the customer – and why it will work.

That ingredient is the product’s label. It could be the eye-catching promotional label or the identification label that tells the customer that it’s the brand’s blush. It could also be the ingredient label. It’s what’s on the package that tells the customer what’s inside. And that information, in turn, is what drives sales.

When a cosmetics company comes to us, we take a comprehensive approach to marketing its products. Aligning the cosmetics labels we create for the company with the brand’s unique voice is an essential aspect of our work.

Promotional Labels for a Skincare Brand

When we create promotional labels for a skincare brand, we delve deeply into its brand persona. If the brand already has a logo, we recreate that logo on the labels.

But we do much more than that. We look at the product itself to see what it does for those who wear it.

Our design team translates that benefit into images, text, and colors that evoke the product’s benefits. For example, a skincare brand that produces a foundation with minimal coverage for a natural look might attract potential customers’ eyes with minimalist labels with straight-line, no-nonsense labeling.

On the other hand, a flowery, romantic cologne deserves the full-on drama of Victorian-inspired images and print. We find inspiration through both the brand itself and the product.

To achieve brand alignment with the cosmetic company’s other branding materials, such as its website, print ads, and TV commercials, we work closely with the brand’s own graphic design team. Total brand alignment, along with a product portrayal that differentiates it from its competitors, is what our team achieves with every promotional label we create.

Identification Labels for Cosmetic Products

A skincare brand often creates a wide variety of cosmetic products. For instance, one of our clients, L’Oreal, produces a broad range of products from eyeliner to anti-aging creams to hair color – and everything in between.

Creating an identification label that distinguishes each of the company’s lip colors from each other can be a challenge. Labels must be concise, easy to read for customers in a hurry, and maintain the brand’s distinctive lettering through consistent fonts.

For example, L’Oreal’s Rouge Signature line of empowering lip color for women distinguishes each color by equally empowering names. Examples include “I Enjoy,” “I Achieve,” and “I Am Worth It.” Without actual colors in the name, labeling must state the name while getting out of the way enough for customers to see the product inside.

Product Labels for Cosmetics

It’s critical for cosmetics labels to include the ingredients in each product to avoid a possible allergic reaction. Today’s customers also want to see whether any harmful chemicals are in their potential purchases. Many customers also want to see that products are crafted from natural materials from sustainable sources.

Of course, a label company wouldn’t put that information on the promotional label. Generally, we include that information on labels on the back of the product or on the box the product comes in.

Occasionally, companies make mistakes on listing ingredients on their boxes – or they need to change their formulas. In that case, we create product labels designed to cover up those mistakes to convey accurate information.

Other information we often include for our cosmetics clients can be the company’s address and other contact information. It could also be their website, or the product’s country of origin. Customers today want to know everything about the product, as well as how to contact its maker. We advise our clients to include as much information as possible to give them everything their customers need to make the right buying decision.

Cosmetic Companies Depend on Nova Custom Printing for Their Labels

With such attention to detail, it’s no wonder that our list of clients includes many of the nation’s leading cosmetics companies. Some companies are household names, some of them niche brands. There’s one characteristic that runs through them all: quality. Here are some of them:

  • Versed: Crafted with eco-friendly ingredients that are actually good for your skin, this drugstore cosmetic brand creates superb skincare products at a price its customers can afford.


  • KOSÉ USA: Beauty that fuses intelligent craftsmanship with sensuous elegance doesn’t have to destroy the planet or its creatures. KOSÉ creates its products with the highest ethical standards, “giving back to the community” through cultural events and other activities.


  • Becca Cosmetics: Inspired by the sun’s glow in its native Australia, this cruelty-free cosmetics line specializes in enhancing a person’s inner glow. They do this with makeup that features a diverse variety of skin tones.


  • Farmacy Beauty: From the farm to your face, this company pairs science with nature to create skin-healing ingredients that form the basis of its cosmetics. It’s nature-sourced beauty that nourishes its customers’ skin.


  • Beauty RX: Designed by a dermatologist, these science-derived cosmetics are crafted to work with each skin type. They, smooth wrinkles, minimizing visible pores, and firming your skin.


  • Solscape Beauty: Founded by a sunshine lover, this line of cruelty-free, vegan sun care products pamper sun-kissed skin with the magic of aloe.


  • L’Oreal: Founded in France, L’Oreal has evolved into one of the world’s best-known beauty brands. They create a wide variety of top-quality cosmetics that enhance beauty without breaking the bank.


  • YSL: Born as a fashion design brand at the hand of the legendary Yves Saint-Laurent, YSL has entered the cosmetic field with high-end beauty products and trademark fragrances.


  • La Mer: An exclusive line of hydrating and rejuvenating cosmetics, this company pairs cutting-edge science with a passion for beauty to create its world-class skincare products.


  • Calvin Klein: This is another designer-founded brand. This American company has branched out into the cosmetics industry. They deliver fragrances and cosmetics that accent its garment and home décor lines.

Clients printing cosmetic product labels have consistent labeling needs and often need to meet urgent deadlines. They expect professionalism and detail-oriented work. When cosmetic companies approach us to manufacture product labels, each client’s individual needs are discussed in detail before proceeding. In this way, labels are manufactured to their exact specifications. Our capabilities of same day printing, color matching and printing custom sized die cut labels, ensure fulfillment for any brand’s needs.

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